Seller Community,

After making great strides on our mission of making buying and selling frictionless for everyone, we have made the difficult decision to close our doors. With that, we regret to share that we must discontinue Fast Checkout as a payment method for our sellers.

I will be forever grateful to those who shared our vision for improving the system of buying online and who refused to settle for the status quo. We created an incredible global community of sellers over the past 19 months – and we are deeply grateful that you took the leap of faith and joined Fast in this journey. We are grateful for the vision you shared with us about how we can improve and modernize commerce.

Sometimes trailblazers don’t make it all the way to the mountain top. But even in those situations, they pave a way that all others will follow. Fast has done that with bringing one-click and headless checkout into the mainstream. Buying online has been forever changed by the incredible team at Fast. The dedication, brilliance and spirit of this remarkable team is unparalleled and will forever be the legacy of Fast.

We aim to make this uninstalling/offboarding process as seamless as possible. A member of the Fast support team will be in touch to help remove Fast Checkout.

We will permanently discontinue service of Fast Checkout on April 15, 2022

With gratitude – Domm Holland

How to Uninstall Fast

WooCommerce Uninstall Instructions

  1. Login to your WordPress Admin Dashboard
  2. Go to Plugins → Installed Plugins on the left tab 
  3. Find the plugin Fast Checkout for WooCommerce
  4. Click on Deactivate 
  5. Scroll down to find the plugin Fast Checkout for WooCommerce
  6. Click on Delete

BigCommerce Uninstall Instructions

1. Log in to your BigCommerce store at

2. On the sidebar click Storefront → My Themes

finding my themes in the storefront sidebar

3. If your Current Theme has “Fast” in the title, you will need to revert back to an older theme by following the steps below: 

* If you made customizations to your current Fast theme, skip the steps below and move to Step 4

     a. Locate your previous theme before Fast was installed on your store (this will not include the word “Fast” in the theme name)

     b. Click on the 3 radio button icons and select Apply

     c. Select a theme style from the pop window and click Continue

     d. You have now successfully been reverted to your previous theme without Fast Checkout buttons, which can be confirmed by looking at your Current Theme

4. If you made customizations to your current Fast theme, please follow the steps below to remove the Fast Checkout buttons from your store:

     4a. Under Current Theme, click Advanced → Edit Theme Files.

edit theme files

You might get a warning pop-up. Click Edit theme files if you want to continue.

warning pop up

     4b. There are 7 different locations (theme files) that you may have the Fast Checkout button on that will need to be removed:

  • Product Pages: templates → components → products → add-to-cart.html
  • Cart Preview Page: templates → components → cart → preview.html
  • Mini Cart: templates → components → common → cart-preview.html
  • Cart Page: templates → pages → cart.html
  • Checkout Page: templates → pages → checkout.html
  • Login Page: templates → pages → auth → login.html
  • Create Account Page: templates → pages → auth → create-account.html


     4c. Visit each theme file above and delete the rows starting from
<!------ FAST CHECKOUT BUTTON START ----------->
All the way down to…
<!------ FAST CHECKOUT BUTTON END ----------->

     4d. Click on Save & apply all files once you have deleted the rows on each theme file