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Just made my first @fast order. Now I’m just upset that every store doesn’t have this yet. @domm let’s go!!!!
Harry Hurst
So I got a new laptop on the weekend and had to reset all my passwords. Two days later.. still resetting passwords. I need you, @fast
Holly Cardew
Finally took @fast checkout for a spin. After initial sign up, processed checkout in less than. 1 second. Implications for this tech is exponential. Excited to see what @domm and @abarrallen are building with this tech.
Now that I can see the future with @Fast, I am 10X more frustrated with the status quo. The good thing is it seems like @domm and @abarrallen and their team work incredibly FAST, so that future will probably be here sooner than I think.
Stu Smith
Dentist just texted me saying I owe $200. Asked if I want to pay or they have to call collections. Yeah cool let me just hit the "Pay" button nicely integrated in this text message. Help, @fast !
Karan Talati
On media and linear commerce.  There are a number of niche media brands that are being impacted by diminished ad sales and Amazon affiliate rates.This would be a perfect time to partner with
@Fast to build one-click marketplaces for DTC products and services.
Web Smith
Twitter try @fast. Check it out yourself. Awesome app
Chidiebere Chukwudi
Checkout took me 1 second. This will be the standard for e-commerce. @fast