Partner Community,

Partner Community,

After making great strides on our mission of making buying and selling frictionless for everyone, we have made the difficult decision to close our doors. With that, we regret to share that we have made the difficult decision to discontinue Fast Checkout as a payment method for our sellers and partners. Our team’s last day is Friday, April 8.

I will be forever grateful to our channel, platform, tech, publisher, and sports partners and Fast Ambassadors who shared our vision for improving the system of buying online and who refused to settle for the status quo. We created a partner community that is collaborative, vibrant, and global in the past 19 months – and we are deeply grateful that you took the leap of faith and joined Fast in this journey.  

While you’ll no longer see the Fast button at checkout, we are incredibly proud of the community we assembled and our collective work to democratize commerce through Fast’s one-click checkout experience. Sometimes trailblazers don’t make it all the way to the mountain top. But even in those situations, they pave a way that all others will follow. Together, we have done that with bringing one-click and headless checkout into the mainstream. Buying online has been forever changed, and we have all of our partners to thank for that. It was an honor to pour our heart and soul into building Fast.

With gratitude – Domm Holland


Q: I am an agency / system integrator partner of Fast’s. Will I get my referral commissions?
A: Based on our channel partner agreement, an incentive will be deemed “earned” on the first date a referred seller processes a buyer payment using the Fast Checkout services. Although no additional incentives will be “earned” going forward, outstanding referral commissions are being processed by PartnerStack. Your March commissions will arrive on the 13th of April, per usual, in your PartnerStack account.
Here is your step-by-step guide on how to cash out your Fast rewards in PartnerStack.

Q: I am an implementation / publisher / sports partner of Fast’s. What happens to be outstanding invoices?
A: For outstanding invoices, please direct your inquiries to
[email protected].  

Q: I have an ongoing partner project with Fast. What should I expect?
A: The Fast Team’s Last Day is Friday, April 8. Unfortunately we will not be able to continue with the project.