Ag company sees conversion soar 27% one week after installing Fast Checkout

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The details

Company: Barndoor Ag
Location: Marshall, MO
Team size: 10 employees

The challenge

Barndoor Ag wanted to improve sales while delivering a simple checkout solution for all types of customers, regardless of tech savviness

The outcome

Barndoor Ag’s conversion soared 27% within one week of installing Fast Checkout, with 20% of transactions processed through Fast Checkout

Ag company opens the door to a faster Checkout

As the Director of Marketing & eCommerce for Missouri-based Barndoor Ag, Jarrod Kemper was on the lookout for tools that could help his company grow faster. An online retailer of agricultural parts, gear, and equipment for ag retailers, farmers and gardeners, Barndoor Ag does millions in annual sales. Jarrod was looking to grow those sales, while simultaneously improving the user experience for a not-always-tech-savvy customer base.

So in April 2020, he was one of the first to engage with Fast — well before Fast Checkout’s official launch. Fast’s simplicity was instantly appealing. Jarrod recognized that a dead-simple checkout option would better serve customers who struggled to fill out longer checkout forms — and would benefit anyone who wanted to save time and hassle through a faster checkout experience.

“We’re pretty amazed at some of the items and pieces of technology that come out, and we love being able to share them with individuals that will also reap benefits by using them.”

Since 2018, Barndoor Ag had been using Braintree by PayPal. But the many steps required — filling out credit card, billing, shipping, and more information for each purchase — led to customer frustration and frequent cart abandonment.

Once Fast launched in September, Jarrod was excited to get 1-click checkout on the Barndoor Ag site ASAP. With the help of Fast’s onboarding team, the process was easy and took less than an hour from start to finish.

And the results were everything Jarrod had hoped for. Within a week of installing Fast Checkout, Barndoor Ag saw a 27% surge in checkout conversion, with 20% of all sales being processed through Fast, and an average order value of $200. Barndoor’s product page checkouts also went from 0% to 80%, because Fast is the only checkout solution that lives right on the product page, helping drive incremental sales that might have not otherwise occurred.

“With the addition of Fast, we’ve provided our customer base with a quick, easy, and painless checkout method via product pages,”
-Jarrod Kemper

Thanks to the great success they’ve seen, Barndoor Ag is considering removing all other payment providers and going all-in on Fast. Jarrod and his team are thrilled about the results — and even more thrilled about delivering a world-class shopping experience to new and existing customers, thanks to their partnership with Fast.

It’s been exciting to watch the wide range of businesses installing Fast Checkout over the last couple months –– everything from solopreneurs to larger enterprises with $100M+ in annual sales. Stay tuned for more case studies at


’s Team at Fast

Ashley Ko
Ashley is on our sales team at Fast and originally walked Jarrod through the product
Javier Mendozona
Javi is on our sales engineering team and helps small and large companies alike get set up with Fast
Vanessa Gabriel
Vanessa is on our customer success team which supports stores after they install Fast Checkout.
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