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Why merchants need product detail page checkout

By Jon Amadei, Product Strategy at Fast

Visit the majority of online stores and you’re likely to have the same purchasing experience. You search for a product you want, add that product to your digital shopping cart, add your shipping and payment details to the checkout form, and click “submit.”

During the checkout process, consumers drop off at each step of the way. Coupling this with increased competition, abandoned cart rates are higher than ever at 72%. At Fast, we know that the traditional e-commerce checkout experience needs updating, and that’s why we’ve built a product that allows buyers to checkout as soon as they see products they like on your site.

Long Island Watch uses the Fast Checkout button on its product detail page.

When businesses partner with Fast, we enable checkouts directly from the product detail page. So when your customer finds the product they’ve been searching for, in one magical click, the purchase is complete and they can get back to browsing and shopping. This feature flips traditional checkout on its head, allowing online sellers to capture sales when the intent to purchase is highest, and the results we’ve seen prove it. Our customers’ conversion rates are through the roof. People often ask me about the impact product detail page checkout has on how much on Average Order Value and the total amount of money they will spend on their business. Trust me, this is something we think about constantly here at Fast.

We want to improve these key metrics for our sellers. From an average order amount perspective, we are continuously finding ways to refine the checkout form itself, the batching and cart creation process, and will be introducing new features that give buyers more flexibility when they click “Fast Checkout.”

When we think about how much money a customer will spend during their relationship with a seller, our goal is to make the Fast Checkout button the easiest way to pay and provide features for buyers and sellers that make the post-transaction experience unique and more robust than a simple email receipt. By providing your customers with a feature-ladened checkout experience that’s seamless and easy to use, you’ll quickly see that Fast Checkout becomes their preferred way to pay. The constant product development that we undergo will take these experiences to the next level and set you apart from other online sellers.

All customers remember a painful checkout experience, not the average ones. With Fast, you will create a positive experience that your customers will remember because it’s truly effortless.

Our product and engineering teams’ mission is to make commerce more accessible and seamless. We’re able to do this because we have incredible feedback loops between buyers and sellers, and we’re determined to drive innovation in the space to make the Fast Checkout experience as extensible as possible, continuing to disrupt the current approach to checking out.

While allowing customers to purchase directly from a product detail page may seem like a uniquely new way to buy online, know that Fast has your back. Whether you’re a buyer purchasing something from your favorite store or a seller installing Fast Checkout on your website, know that we will always strive to improve your experience and incorporate new features in response to feedback from all of our customers.

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