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Why I’m joining Fast as VP of Sales for the Australia & New Zealand region

Why I’m joining Fast as VP of the Australia & New Zealand region
By Radinck van Vollenhoven

The start-up world is on fire and the fintech space even more so. With nearly every company fighting for talent, I chose to join Fast, the world’s fastest checkout company, as the new VP of the Australia and New Zealand region. Here’s why:

Before joining Fast, I was the Managing Director in ANZ for Stocard, the world's leading mobile wallet with over 60 million global users and 5 million users across Australia and New Zealand. Before that, I worked in the tech and media space at companies like Apple, Criteo, and Spotify helping to launch and grow their businesses in both ANZ and across Europe.

What first drew me to Fast was the opportunity to work with an incredible Aussie founder on solving one of the biggest problems on the internet – long and confusing checkout experiences. Also, the opportunity to work from home and with a flexible schedule is very appealing. I have three kids and a dog, so that perk definitely factored into my decision.

When I think of the Fast product offering, the simplicity and ease of use excite me the most. You can explain what Fast does to anybody within seconds, and they immediately get it because we’ve all been there. As a customer, the basic premise of being able to check out quickly and easily with one click from anywhere resonates with me. 

For merchants, the benefits are just as compelling – a more seamless checkout experience helps reduce cart abandonment, one of the major pain points in e-commerce. In turn, their sales increase, and customers are more satisfied with their overall experience. Beyond a merchant’s own digital four walls, Fast’s headless checkout technology turns every marketing channel into a transaction channel, be it emails, SMS, or out-of-home advertising. 

Having worked in retail and tech for a long time now, this is a no-brainer.

ANZ is the perfect region for Fast because Aussies and Kiwis are savvy online shoppers that love to support local retailers. We're also open to new and emerging technologies that make our lives easier. Australia is Afterpay's home market and a great example of an Aussie tech business that has been adopted here and then gone on to succeed on the global stage.

My goal is for Fast to be on every e-commerce site in the region so that millions of customers can use Fast whenever and wherever they want to make purchases faster, safer, and easier than ever before. I'm also very excited about the sports and publisher domains, both industries where one-click and headless checkout will be a game-changer. 

To help me do all of that, I’m looking to hire an expert team as soon as possible. Right now, we are focused on engineering and sales positions, though if you’re ready to change the world of e-commerce, I’m always up for a chat. 

Australia and New Zealand, let’s go Fast.

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