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Walkthrough video: Installing Fast for Magento (Adobe Commerce)

Any merchant that runs on Adobe Commerce can supercharge their checkout experience with Fast’s one-click, headless checkout.

Fast improves merchants’ e-commerce experience in three key areas:

  1. More sales – Fast flattens the sales funnel into one click, meaning more cart completions, conversions, and delighted shoppers. Traditional checkout flows are  high-friction experiences that deter shoppers from buying. Fast allows shoppers to purchase directly from product detail (PDP), cart, and checkout pages in one click. Eliminating buyer friction means merchants’ sites convert more visitors while reducing cart abandonment.
  2. Checkout anywhere – Fast Headless Checkout makes it easy for merchants to sell their products in one click anywhere offsite (like social platforms, blogs, and articles) and even in real life (like QR code reordering and live-event checkout). 
  3. First-party cookie solution – Fast’s channel-agnostic capabilities mean merchants can acquire customers (and their profiles) in places they’ve never dreamed. With Fast, merchants can build a robust marketing strategy even after third-party cookies are eliminated.

The Fast Magento Module allows merchants to enjoy all the benefits of an optimized checkout without burdening their development team with an extensive re-platform of their current checkout. Shortening the time from installation to deployment means merchants’ development teams won't have to overhaul their roadmap. 

Fast’s integration walkthrough video illustrates how e-commerce teams of all sizes and resource availability can start with Fast today.

A bit more about Fast

Fast products, features, and services include:

  • Fast Checkout button on product detail, cart, and checkout pages
  • API-first architecture
  • Optimized for increasing revenue per visitor 
  • One-click purchases across devices
  • One-click reorder of past purchases
  • Flexible solution that aligns with any post-purchase experience 
  • Fraud protection included in standard pricing
  • Industry-leading custom pricing for larger merchants
  • No monthly or annual fee, no setup fee to use Fast Checkout button, no minimum commitment

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