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Tired Iron Tractor Parts: 19 years of trusted service in the ag industry

Harvey Hamilton founded Tired Iron Tractor Parts in 2002, but he’s been in the agriculture world his entire life.

Growing up on a dairy farm, repairing tractors and farm equipment came naturally for Hamilton. He eventually studied diesel technology and started his own repair shop. That shop evolved into a trusted seller of agricultural, industrial, and lawn and garden aftermarket parts that ship worldwide. The Oakville, Washington-based business has filled more than 2,000 orders in the last year.

Hamilton believes his and his team’s experience as mechanics gives Tired Iron an edge on other tractor and agriculture parts businesses.

“When the phone rings, we're usually talking to somebody that's doing a repair job,” he said. “And our experience repairing tractors gives us an inside track on what they need and understanding what they're doing. So it's different than just somebody who got a job as a parts person because it was a paycheck. We have a lifelong immersion in the industry.”

Tired Iron doesn’t just make sales, it strives to build relationships with customers.

“I was just talking to a gentleman from Minnesota, and he said he was cold, and then we started talking about the weather,” Hamilton said recently. “It was a chat more than it was business, and he ended up buying something, and we’ll ship that out today. I try to be personable, and when they come back, and we know who they are, we start asking questions about something they told us before. We just try to relate to folks. I think it makes a difference.”

Hamilton also uses social media to share his knowledge in a suite of how-to videos that have generated tens of thousands of views over the years. Tired Iron’s YouTube channel has more than 7,000 subscribers, and the most popular video from Hamilton, "Installing a Diesel injection Pump & Setting the Timing," has surpassed 860,000 views.

Introducing Fast

Tired Iron uses BigCommerce to host its online store, and it was through the e-commerce platform that the business learned about Fast, a one-click login and checkout service that expedites the ordering process, completing them in a matter of seconds instead of minutes.

After some research, Hamilton asked Fast to install their Checkout button onto the Tired Iron website. That same day, customers started using the Fast Checkout option, he said. Since installing in September 2020, about 10% of sales have been processed through Fast.

Hamilton looks forward to Fast being a payment option as more sales trend toward coming from mobile devices.

“Any time you can keep people from keying in their addresses and their credit card information over and over and over on a mobile device, I think it's going to be a bonus,” he said. “So I really think that our customers are going to use that more and more as they're out, away from the shop or the house, to do their shopping.”

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