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Stand out in the crowd with light-up accessories

For almost 20 years, has been grabbing attention with its store full of light-up trinkets, toys, favors, and gear.

In the early 2000s, Matt Jacobs aka Magic Matt began wearing light-up accessories for fun when out socially. It instantly made him the center of attention.

Soft Assorted Ring from

“People asked about them, so I bought about a hundred of them,” Magic Matt said. “Anytime somebody asked about them when I was out, I would say, ‘This is a product I sell, and they’re five bucks.’”

Magic Matt sold several flashing pieces each time.

His new project soon merged with two other hobbies: attending San Francisco Giants and Golden State Warriors games – now, he’d arrive covered in accessories.

“I would sell tons of them,” he recalled.

On his way to one game, Jacobs met a street vendor in San Francisco’s Financial District who’d seen how Jacobs was selling his light-up merchandise. That vendor bought 50 pieces from Magic Matt, becoming his first wholesale customer.

Magic Matt, a freelance web developer by day, eventually launched an online store, which immediately took off.

Over the years, Magic Matt has curated thousands of products for every occasion. He’s even expanded his store’s focus to include items that are flashy in other ways, such as gold-plated decks of cards and bills and replica physical bitcoins.

As Blinkee grew, some big names also started to see the light, and business collaborations were born. The MGM chain in Las Vegas used Blinkee to light their parties. NASA commissioned a custom blinking lapel pin. IHOP also approached Blinkee for custom pins.

Light Up Flashing Crystal Snowflake Headband Bopper from

Business increased until the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. Now, Magic Matt’s focus is on drawing customers back to Blinkee. Part of his strategy: improve the user experience on To do that, he teamed up in March 2021 with payments platform Fast, whose mission is to make buying online faster, safer, and easier for everyone. With Fast’s premier product, the Fast Checkout button, merchants can offer their customers a one-click checkout payment option. The payment button allows shoppers to complete their orders in seconds.

When Magic Matt learned about Fast, he first investigated its web presence.

“I saw that Fast was connected to Stripe, which is a reputable company,” he said. “And it seemed like it’d be super adventurous to have that network of people. The support has been amazing.”

Blinkee’s customers want a flawless checkout experience, Magic Matt said.

“They want to use the website as seamlessly as possible,” he said. “Fast helps with that.”

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