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Skin Elite: Personalized skin care services for everyone

Skin is personal. How the skin care industry works with most consumers isn’t. Skin care service Skin Elite wants to change that.

In 2005, Skin Elite launched as part of an established medical practice, with the vision of offering professional, convenient, and affordable high-quality skin care products for busy consumers. Skin Elite, now a standalone specialist skin care business, sells cleansers, toners, moisturizers, exfoliators, masks, and more. But its primary focus is still on personalized customer care. Skin Elite wants to foster relationships with its clients and build individualized skin care journeys – not just throw endless products their way.

That consists of a regularly updated skin care blog; free deluxe trials; and a dedicated advisory team of licensed estheticians, skin care professionals, and customer service staff.

“We’re in this very confusing industry with tens of thousands of products, which is changing rapidly,” Skin Elite Owner Ian Herrod said. “It’s very difficult to get quality advice, so you end up having to pay for it, whether you go to institutions or dermatologists. So what we want to do is bridge that gap with the average consumer, making quality professional advice available to people very easily along with trial products that can make a real difference.”

Skin Elite processes about 1,000 orders a month and represents what Herrod calls a “fraction of a small percent” in a $25 billion industry in North America alone. Herrod would like to see Skin Elite double in reach and size each year but not grow to the point it becomes all things for all people. Instead, Herrod wants to grow by building partnerships with people and companies that value relationships.

“I want a more egalitarian process, where we can continually work with people,” Herrod said. “I want to work with customers, suppliers, estheticians, bloggers, online celebrities, and technical partners. I want to work in  partnership with everybody. That way we are giving as much as taking.”

With Fast Checkout, customers can buy this product right on the product detail page.

One partnership Skin Elite recently entered was with fintech company Fast, which helps businesses improve their customers’ checkout experience with its one-click payment button, Fast Checkout. The Fast Checkout button can be placed on product detail, cart, and checkout pages; used to combine multiple orders from shoppers into one transaction; and accessed in ads, emails, online product review articles, and more.

Herrod was actively researching companies that provided Fast’s type of checkout flow.

“Fast had a fluidity,” he said. “I felt there was a genuine partnership vision in Fast, which wasn't there in any other company I’d researched.”

After installing Fast Checkout in April of this year, Skin Elite’s cart abandonment rate dropped 10 points, Herrod said.

“It's starting to make a huge difference,” he said. “There's still a heck of a long way to go in terms of how we communicate this to customers. Customers like it. They want a fast, efficient checkout experience.”

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Skin Elite wants to grow and only work with partners that care about adding value to the customer experience, not just sales. Fast offers that in spades, regularly collaborating with merchants on co-marketing campaigns and connecting them to publishers that can help foster a lifestyle relationship instead of just a transactional one between consumers and businesses.

“If people are making a transaction, that transaction should not just be functional, it should be an enjoyable transaction,” Herrod said. “It should enrich people’s lives in some way. Fast’s partnership solution allows us to spend more time enriching our personalization skin care services for everyone.”

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