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Run Steep Get High logs outdoor adventures around the world

Jamil Coury was three years in as the founder and CEO of his event management company when on a whim he and his team rolled with a tagline that grew into something bigger.

Aravaipa Running, which organizes 25 trail and endurance runs each year, used the phrase “Run Steep Get High” for a one-off marketing campaign for an event in Colorado.

“Something about it just resonated with people,” said Coury, who has been a long-distance trail runner for 15 years. “We made a run of shirts just on a whim because it sounded like a cool thing to do, and we sold out immediately. People were like, ‘Where can I get that shirt?’ ‘That's so cool.’”

Today, Run Steep Get High is a standalone lifestyle brand that encourages people to share their mountain runs, summits, and other outdoor adventures. Run Steep Get High sells trendy apparel, including T-shirts, hoodies, hats, sunglasses, and stickers. Items range in price from $1 to $44.

Run Steep Get High’s mission is to build an inclusive community of outdoors enthusiasts, Coury said.

“It’s all about inspiring people to climb mountains, push their limits, and just get out there,” he said.

And that message has clearly resonated. Run Steep Get High has a strong following on social media, including nearly 71,000 followers on Instagram, 22,000 on Facebook, and 10,000 on Twitter. Run Steep Get High also regularly updates its 61,000 subscribers on YouTube. Video topics include marathon recaps, gear reveals, training, and more.

“I am authentically in the sport,” Coury said. “I love it, and we just share that passion.”

In 2020, how Run Steep Get High customers shop the site was forever changed.

Coury learned about the one-click checkout platform Fast by following Co-Founder and COO Allison Barr Allen, an avid runner, on Twitter and spotting the company’s promotion of its Fast-branded hoodie. Coury bought a hoodie using the company’s Fast Checkout button.

Fast Checkout allows shoppers to complete orders in just a matter of seconds. Fast does this by securely saving buyers’ payment and shipping information so that they never have to enter it again. The next time they want to buy something from a site using Fast Checkout, they only have to click the button, and the order is sent.

Coury installed Fast Checkout on the Run Steep Get High site that December. It was such a success that by February 2021, he installed the payment option on the Aravaipa Running site as well.

“Once you use it and see it, you can't unsee it,” Coury said. “And so every time I do pretty much anything, now I can feel that friction where sometimes I don't know where my credit card is, it’s just too much, and I abandon my experience online. So it's definitely something that I wanted to offer on my sites because I know how reducing that friction can be valuable out there in the marketplace.”

Coury won’t have Fast Checkout fully installed across his sites until he’s able to add the payment option for when people register for events. He hopes to transfer that experience for the third-party platform he currently uses to his own site.

“It would just continue to put us on the leading edge in our industry,” Coury said. “We always like to raise the bar in everything we do.”

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