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Otto Case designs custom-made wooden phone cases

A Florida-based company is turning cell phone cases into personalized canvases for their users. Its main material? Wood.

Otto Case specializes in hand-crafted wooden phone cases. The business uses wood from bamboo, cherry, rosewood, and walnut trees. Otto Case also ensures phone durability by putting them through 26-feet fall tests. The company also sells wooden watches, keychains, and credit card holders with money clips.

The business differentiates itself in the market by personalizing its phone cases, Otto Case Co-Founder Arif Ceber said.

“We make special products,” he said. “You can get a phone case from anywhere, but you can give me your family photo, your pet’s photo, or your kid’s photo, and I can personalize it on a wood case, which doesn’t go away. It’s not like printing. It’s something unique, something cool, and something special to you.”

Working with them one-on-one, Otto Case builds personal relationships with its customers.

“Customers send us their photos, we personalize them, and send them back for review,” Ceber said. “They get really surprised with that. And then they start asking other questions. They have this product, they have this idea. ‘Can you do this?’ ‘Can you do that?’ ‘My son's graduation is coming up.’ ‘We have a family reunion.’ ‘I have an anniversary.’ We touch people’s special moments.”

Otto Case’s approach has proved successful. In business since 2017, Otto Case processes about 5,000 orders online a year, and twice that through retail and wholesale.

In late 2020, the business bolstered its customer experience by revolutionizing its online store’s checkout process. Otto Case partnered with payments platform Fast to install Fast Checkout, a one-click checkout button. With Fast Checkout, customers can complete orders in just a matter of seconds.

Ceber learned about Fast through Instagram and was intrigued. He visited the Fast website to learn more and installed the checkout button on his own. Now, about a quarter of Otto Case’s online sales are processed with Fast.

“The same day I installed Fast Checkout, we got the first order through it. I realized that customers were thinking the same way that I think. They want to order things faster. They don’t want to spend time. Whatever they like, boom, checkout. They don’t want to fill out the forms. So that was a good moment for me.”

Otto Case is new to e-commerce and is focusing on improving that aspect of its business. Partnering with Fast has been instrumental in Otto Case’s e-commerce growth, Ceber said.

“By having Fast Checkout,” he said, “it’s quite helpful for me. I’m happy.”

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