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Nurturing Naturals: Journey for eczema remedy evolves into all-natural health business

When Aja Fields’s daughter developed severe eczema at three months old in 2005, the option doctors presented wasn’t acceptable to the new mother.

“We went to doctors and allergists, and they wanted to put her on steroids and a lot of harsh medications,” Fields said. “I knew as a mother that I could not subject my daughter to that, so that started my quest of finding the actual cause of her allergy, of the eczema, and a natural way to actually deal with it.”

Fields read numerous books on the human body and later became a certified herbalist. Inspired by her daughter’s skin condition, Fields developed a product called eczema jam, which is made with all-natural ingredients: pure grapeseed oil, beeswax, taheebo, chickweed, yellow dock, sarsaparilla, bloodroot, pure organic tallow, and chaparral.

Fields stayed on this journey for 10 years before starting Nurturing Naturals, which sells dozens of products that support hair, skin, and oral care such as balms, cleansers, and vitamin extracts. Nurturing Naturals now processes more than 2,000 orders a year.

“I'm not out here just trying to sell a product,” Fields said. “I'm trying to help heal people when they're told there's no hope.”

Nurturing Naturals also prioritizes education, updating its website with a featured herb of the month. Each note includes a thorough background on the benefits the herb has on the body and what items contain it. Fields takes education a step further by personally connecting with her customers to discuss the products they use.

“Every client that I have, they have my personal number, they have my email,” she said. “They can contact us at any time because we want to assist people on their health journey, and we reach out and want to make sure that everything is going well.”

Another aspect of customer care that Fields pays attention to is the checkout experience. In September 2020, Nurturing Naturals installed Fast Checkout from the payments platform Fast. With Fast Checkout, shoppers can complete their orders with just one click after logging in only once. Today, about half of all Nurturing Naturals’s orders are processed through Fast.

“We want to make sure that there are no bumps in the road for our customers,” Fields said. “Installing Fast Checkout has helped quite a bit.”

As Fields’s daughter turns 16 this year, she looks forward to continuing to build a legacy that will support her family for years to come and be a beacon for people focused on all-natural wellness. And because having a seamless checkout experience is crucial for an online business, Fast will be part of that future as well, Fields said.

“Fast,” she said, “will forever be part of our business.”

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