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No new updates: it's a Fast freeze for holiday shopping

By Dan Carter, Engineering Manager at Fast

We're cooking up some awesome feature updates. But here's why you won't see them until 2022.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the busiest days for the e-commerce industry.

Fast’s daily sales average for Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2020 was more than triple the entire month of November 2020 (excluding Black Friday/Cyber Monday).

Merchants are very cognizant of the inherent risk of their partners releasing new features during the holidays – and so are we. 

Even the tiniest change increases the risk of lost revenue or trust among users. Part of making Fast Checkout the leading one-click and headless checkout platform isn’t just the features we include – but the features we hold off on during certain times.

Software companies must always strike a delicate balance between the desire to release updates with the logistics of doing so. If you update too frequently, you risk overwhelming your users – but release too infrequently, and you risk users thinking the company doesn’t care about improvements (especially when comparing you with competitors). 

In the midst of establishing release equilibrium are code and feature freezes

Code and feature freezes assures our sellers they can expect consistency from our product during a time when other parts are moving in their business; reliability from their partners is everything – if not make or break – in situations like Black Friday. Outages and breakages cost money, time, and trust, so it’s actually not a good idea for users to see “Update available!” in the middle of the biggest sales period of the year.

Code freeze also provides Fast engineers valuable breathing room to revisit their roadmaps and pick up where they left off in other areas to keep up operational excellence. While our sellers are enjoying a stable checkout flow with no worries of trying to update their versions in the middle of a sales flurry, Fast as a company is already hard at work improving in the background.

Our Fast engineers are also online shoppers, so we understand all too well the pain points buyers face when making purchases online – hence our passion for making a better checkout experience for everyone. We’re deeply empathetic to our buyer and seller needs, and that empathy influences every decision we make – from designing our interface, to the one-click checkout flow, to planning our code freezes.

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