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Museware Pottery: One-stop shop for unique handmade pottery

Museware Pottery partnered with checkout platform Fast to enable one-click purchases on its website.

At Museware Pottery, no piece is like another.

Founded in 2005, Museware Pottery specializes in unique handmade pottery gifts. Museware pieces are hand painted on unfinished, white earthenware. Each design receives up to five layers of paint before being kiln fired at 1,835 degrees for up to eight hours. Pieces are then thoroughly wrapped in Geami, a reusable, recyclable, and compostable Kraft paper product. Crooked letters, differences in pottery dimension, paint color, image placement, and composition are common characteristics of any Museware piece.

When it comes to variety, options include platters, plates, frames, wall hangings, vases, bowls, and more. All items include a handwritten message of the customer’s choosing in a custom cursive feature. Offline, the business’s popular pieces can be found in upscale brick and mortar gift shops, craft galleries, and stationers nationwide.

“Museware Pottery elevates gift-giving with our creatively designed, handmade, and personalized pieces for friends, family, colleagues, and clients,” Museware Pottery Owner Nicole Rivet said. “Customers love us because they know that they will find something not just beautiful but something that they won’t find anywhere else and includes a message just for the recipient.”

Museware Pottery goes Fast

In July of 2021, Museware added another special product to its website: Fast Checkout, a one-click payment button from checkout platform Fast. The company’s checkout button allows shoppers to make a purchase in just seconds, completely skipping the part where they would have to type out their payment and shipping information.

Museware Pottery customers can use the Fast Checkout button to buy this You Be You Herb Vase in one click. 

After their first purchase via Fast Checkout, customers never have to sign in again to buy something at any store that offers Fast Checkout. They simply click “Fast Checkout,” and their items are ordered. Fast Checkout even offers a five-minute window after customers click the button in case they want to edit their order.

“Every business wants to ensure their customers have a smooth shopping and checkout experience. Like the quality of the product, that’s something they never forget,” Rivet said. “Installing the Fast Checkout button checks that box in a big way.”

See Fast Checkout in action on the Fast home page. Ready to go Fast? Contact [email protected].

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