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Motion Media: The gaming, media, and car industries’ one-stop shop for cutting edge software and hardware

Motion Media LLC has been a reseller of top-notch software and hardware that visual effects artists, animators, film editors, carmakers, and other major builders have relied on since 1994. But the man behind the company has been on the technical side of entertainment much longer than that.

An editor for years before Motion Media came onto the scene, Brian Gorne built edit bays for clients and started working with early 3D design software.  This evolved into reselling the equipment and software in addition to the services aspect of the business Motion Media now sells more than 7,000 products.

The El Segundo, California-based company, with a mission to enhance "client's creative freedom without negatively affecting their bottom line," owes its longevity to its customers.

"It's really good customer service,” said Brad Helmink, Motion Media's director of sales and marketing. “A lot of our business is still offline, so it's relationships. I've had customers that have been buying from me for 10 years, and Brian has had some that have been buying for 20-plus years.”

Motion Media product partners include prominent name brands such as HP, Adobe, and Maxon. One of its longest relationships has been with Autodesk, a software company that makes products for the architecture, construction, engineering, media, and more industries. For 20 years, Motion Media has been one of Autodesk’s largest media and entertainment resellers in the United States. Autodesk customers include almost all of the last 20 Academy Award winners for Best Visual Effects. Some of the biggest gaming and car companies in the world also rely on Motion Media.

When Motion Media started, editing was a fully involved and complicated process that required specialists. Today, using hardware and software is generally “plug and play,” Helmink said.

“So we had to expand to reach more e-commerce customers,” he said.

Part of that shift included finding a seamless checkout experience. Motion Media was familiar and even used some of the biggest payment systems but were dissatisfied with fees and waiting for sales to deposit into their accounts. 

“I liked the idea, but none of those were really working well for us,” Helmink said.

Partnering with Fast

Then Fast came along. Fast eliminates the unpopular routine of looking for a payment card, typing out card numbers and shipping information, and memorizing passwords – just to buy something. With Fast Checkout, customers just click the Fast button, and that’s it.

“I didn't have to put in much effort or have any developers put in any work on our end,” Helmink recalled about installing Fast. “You know, it was a quick phone call with the Fast team to set up whatever I needed to. It's been really simple.”

Motion Media installed Fast in September. After a month, about 15% of Motion Media’s sales were already being processed through Fast.

“I think, going forward, as more and more people hear about Fast and more and more websites have Fast Checkout, it'll be even better just because more people will have an account, and it'll make it easier for them to check out too,” Helmink said.

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