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Meet Mohamed Oun: The Fast Interview

Mohamed Oun, frontend engineer at Fast

Mohamed Oun

Role: Frontend engineer

Team: Buttons

What do you do at Fast?

I work on user-facing features that you see throughout the buying experience of Fast Checkout. Currently most of my time is spent on our headless checkout feature.

Describe your typical day at Fast.

Our team is widely distributed across time zones, so we collaborate using async communication. I also work in many places thanks to Fast Flex, so my day reflects the time zone I’m in. (My desk is a laptop in a backpack.) Sometimes I code and review in the mornings and have meetings later; other days, it’s fun in the morning and work in the evening. Our team doesn’t have a lot of meetings, so I get plenty of deep focus coding time, which I like.

What led you to engineering?

I grew up on the computer, so when it was time to choose a career, I saw the potential and variety in engineering as more than just a hobby. 

Why did you say yes to Fast?

I saw Allison’s (Barr Allen, COO and Co-Founder at Fast) tweets about working at a startup: what it was like, and how much you could learn. I really wanted to keep learning and specifically experience an early-stage startup.

Where did you grow up, and what were you like as a kid?

I was born in Saudi Arabia; when l was eight, we moved back to Cairo, Egypt, where I lived until I finished university. I wasn’t introverted per se, but my interests (sports and computers) didn’t overlap with most kids around me, so I spent a lot of time in online forums, chatting with other hobbyists. I still love sports and computers.

What’s something you’ve found at Fast that really stands out?

Everyone adds something, personally and professionally. We come from startups, freelancing, and Big Tech. We come from various cultures all over the world. We have backend engineers who used to be frontend engineers. There’s such a melting pot of background and culture that makes for a very rich experience here.

Also, we have extreme ownership and autonomy in our work. We’re very helpful; 

there’s no territorialism or bubbles. We’re considerate of each other's time, and we use empathy in our communication. You have the freedom to structure your time for productive, focused work without micromanagement. Being able to prioritize and be responsible for how I structure my workload and time keeps me motivated to do better each day.

Proudest moment as an engineer?

At Hello Fresh, where I worked before Fast, I helped make their design system more accessible for people with mobility and vision issues. Helping a demographic of people that are too often overlooked when designing user interfaces was a great achievement. 

Favorite thing about being an engineer?

Coding is embedded in everything, so you have a lot of power to make anything a reality. You don’t need anyone’s permission – you can just start building.

Morning person or night owl?

A morning person who struggles to wake up.

Your non-negotiables for life?

Open-mindedness. Be open to the possibility that you’re wrong and appreciate other perspectives. Strive for balanced conversations over being right.

What sparks your creativity?

I like optimizing things around me, so I create extensions for my life wherever I can –  automating the mundane to make it exciting.

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