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Meet Eric Schulte: The Fast Interview

Eric Schulte, Engineering Manager at Fast

Eric Schulte

Role: Engineering Manager

Team: Engineering

Why did you join Fast?

I’ve had an idea sheet going for many years. “It should be easier to do X,” “It should be cheaper to do Y” kinda thing. One of those lines is, “It should be easier to checkout. One click for the web.” My interview with Domm (Holland, Co-Founder and CEO at Fast) lasted about 20 minutes. I said, “You don’t need to explain. I know exactly what you’re trying to do. I love it!” I don’t remember formally saying “yes” to joining. He just said, “Let’s start you as a contractor next week,” and I was like, “Uh, let me think,” and then he hung up and sent a contract. Anyway, here we are.

What were you doing before?

I was an engineering manager and then staff mobile engineer at ClassPass. I traded being an engineering manager for being a remote individual contributor in the Caribbean. It was the best idea I’ve ever had for my family’s health and happiness.

Where did you grow up, and what were you like as a kid?

My childhood started in suburban Detroit and continues to the current day. Generally, I like making a mess, taking things apart to find out how they work without being able to put them back together.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I once got my 4-year-old to bed on time. I also once trolled the entire internet. Do a Google search for “300 sandwiches.”

What’s your productivity hack?

Take breaks. Timebox it. Chill. Have a glass of wine. The solution will come to you.

When did someone’s kindness toward you make a big difference in your life?

Every time I’ve heard difficult feedback. Only true friends give you that.

Who’s your celebrity doppelgänger?

When I had blonde hair it was Alexander Skarsgård. When I had white hair it was Julian Assange. I haven’t heard one yet for my salt and pepper phase.

What’s your top travel destination?

Kyoto, Japan. I spent too little time in this marvelous, beautiful city.

Where do you see yourself a year from now?

On my second motorcycle.

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