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Meet Domm Holland: The Fast Interview

Domm Holland, Co-Founder and CEO at Fast

Domm Holland

Role: Co-Founder and CEO

Team: Fast

What was Little Domm like?

I was very shy, but then I quickly decided that I wanted to make every decision for myself. Since I was an early teen, I did my own thing in life. My grandfather used to call me The Mini Professor because I was so interested in how the world works, and I was always dismantling TVs I'd found on the street. I was always interested in the mechanics of the world.

What’s it like being an Australian in the U.S.?

It's easy. If I didn't speak with a funny accent, people wouldn't realize that I'm not from here. I look like somebody who could live here. The language is the same, even though the currency is different, the sort of economic value is kind of similar.

Now there are little differences all over the place, but rather than seeing them as challenges, I think of them as really interesting little bits of life that you get to uncover. I've had a good, large community around me. 

Going back to what you said about your accent: Wrong answers only? Where do people think you’re from?

People always think I'm British, which is hilarious because I've got a very thick Australian accent. Australians think that I've got a thick Australian accent.

So the idea for Fast comes from your wife’s grandmother struggling to order groceries online. What does she think of Fast and being the genesis of Fast?

She loves being the genesis story of Fast. And I’ll tell you something funny: We call her Nanny, not Granny, but I intentionally say Granny every time I tell the story because otherwise, I think people think we’re talking about an in-house nanny.

You say you’re the world’s Fast-est CEO. What does that mean?

I was told my whole life that I was racing toward my grave. I think that is the embodiment of wanting to move faster and do more interesting things. We naturally have a sense of urgency all the time, and the reason to be like that is even if you don't have a deadline for something, the sooner you get it done, the sooner you can tackle additional things. Suddenly you're just doing more because you've gotten through things faster. I do this all the time personally and in the way that I work. Even with suppliers, I always ask them to do things faster. If they say it would normally take two weeks, I'm like, “Can I, can we get it in a week?” It’s definitely more of a characteristic of Fast than other companies.

Speaking of careers, which one got away from you?

Special Forces or a spy. I applied to the military lots of times and got in every time. And every time there was a, “you can come and be a doctor” or “you can come and be a lawyer.” I thought being a spy was interesting. Very much the Jason Bourne type of job. I was always very active, but also I wanted to use my brain a lot.

What food do you uncontrollably eat?

Pizza. Hands down. Margherita, Margherita pizza every day. Well, not every day.

What personal goal would you like to achieve in the next five years?

In five years, I want to be a licensed skydiver, have a pilot’s license, fish and snowboard more, and spend more holidays with my wife and kids, especially in tropical locations. I'm also excited for my kids to start school and coach them through that, and for them to start playing sports and cheer them on.

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