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Meet Danielle McLaughlin: The Fast Interview

Danielle McLaughlin, Technical Recruiting Manager at Fast

Danielle McLaughlin

Role: Technical Recruiting Manager

Team: Talent Acquisition

Why did you join Fast?

I was looking for a role where I could have more impact, more opportunity, and build from the ground up. I found a great combination of that here at Fast, in addition to amazing leaders, strong engineering talent, and a very fast and fun culture.

What were you doing before?

I was a technical recruiter and talent program manager for the autonomous trucking organization at Waymo. I've also recruited for amazing organizations like Lyft, Blend, Square, and Fitbit.

Where did you grow up, and what were you like as a kid? 

In the East Bay, in Moraga, California! I was born in Berkeley, where I live now. I was very athletic. I played softball, golf, and soccer. I was fortunate to have parents who encouraged me to try new things.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Getting my yoga teaching license. I’m also a certified SUP (stand-up paddleboard) yoga teacher. I’m actually not a big fan of public speaking, and this experience pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me to grow in both my personal and professional life. When I worked at Fitbit, I taught yoga to my colleagues after work and I was able to meet a lot of team members that I would not interact with otherwise. I love that yoga brings people of different backgrounds together.

What’s your productivity hack?

Calendly. As a recruiter, about 30% of my week is spent on scheduling communications. This tool cuts that down to roughly 10%.

When did someone’s kindness toward you make a big difference in your life?

My best friend's mom volunteers at a dog shelter in Tahoe City, California. When I found my dog, Freddie, there was a line of people to adopt him. She was able to hold on to him for me until I drove up. He's now the light of my life!

Who is your celebrity dopplegänger?

Topanga from “Boy Meets World” (Danielle Fishel).

What is your top travel destination?

My favorite country thus far is Brazil. I loved the culture, food, people, and those beaches. Wow! Next on the list: I haven’t been to Spain or Italy. I’m really looking forward to going with my family and checking out some of our heritage.

Where do you see yourself a year from now?

Still at Fast, building and leading amazing teams! And I’d like to take advantage of Fast Flex as the world opens up again next year and travel internationally.

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