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Meet Conrad Corpus: The Fast Interview

Conrad Corpus, Customer Success Support Team Lead at Fast

Conrad Corpus

Role: Customer Success Support Team Lead at Fast

Team: Customer Success

Why did you join Fast?

I was looking for work during the COVID-19 pandemic, and I was introduced to Domm (Holland, Co-Founder and CEO at Fast) over email. Before the interviews began, I tried out the Fast Checkout button. I went to the Chromatic Coffee website to purchase coffee beans. It was so fast and new to me that I wasn’t even sure I made the purchase, so I opened a support ticket with the Fast Customer Success team. They got back to me very quickly and were friendly. I thought, “OK, this sounds like something I want to be a part of.”

What were you doing before you joined Fast?

I volunteered at the Brooklyn Navy Yard as an assembler of medical grade face shields for frontline healthcare workers. Before the pandemic, I was at Pantheon for six years. I started off as a sales development representative, and my last role there was a senior customer success administrator.

Where did you grow up, and what were you like as a kid?

Fremont, California, a suburb of San Francisco. I was very different from what I am now. I was kind of a wild, loud kid. I didn't really get into any trouble, though. And then between ages 13 and 16, I became the introvert that I am now. I think I consider myself someone who's pretty self-aware and comfortable in their own skin and in my own company. I feel like I just don't have to prove anything to anyone outwardly by showing a different energy level.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Having the physical, mental, and emotional capacity to ride my bike from San Francisco to L.A. three times in a row. It’s a 545-mile bike ride that we complete in seven days. I did it for the annual AIDS/LifeCycle ride. More recently, an accomplishment I’m proud of is saying “Yes” to New York, packing my life into a U-Haul truck and driving across the country from San Francisco, over a five-day journey.

What’s your productivity hack?

When I need to be heads-down on something and focused, I turn off notifications. I have in my head what's a priority, and I just stay focused on that for an hour or two.

When did someone's kindness toward you make a big difference in your life?

It was recently, when I found the courage to seek out a psychotherapist. I’d been wanting to work with a psychotherapist for years to work out things that have been in my head for so long. The kindness and patience that I received from my therapist made me feel at ease.

Living or dead, who would you like to interview and why?

James Baldwin. I've always been drawn to his thoughts, his writing. And we’re both gay men. I'd love to sit with him and ask him about his life, particularly what it was like being gay here in New York City at the time.

What food can you uncontrollably eat?

Roasted almonds.

What is your top travel destination?

I would love to go back to Sicily, and the Philippines. I've only traveled once to the Philippines when I was a kid for vacation, but since then, I've only returned for family-related things. I've never had a full-on vacation there as an adult. And I’ve always been interested in visiting Iran.

Where do you see yourself in a year from now?

I can see myself going from a team lead in Customer Success to being a manager. And I still see myself living in New York for at least another few years.

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