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Louisville business helps coffee lovers brew better every day

Mornings – and afternoons, if we’re being honest – just wouldn’t be the same without coffee and espresso machines. And we have businesses like Prima Coffee Equipment to thank for that.

The Louisville-based coffee equipment supplier, founded in 2009, started with the idea that everyone should have access to the products and resources that help make coffee great. Prima prides itself on its wide selection of manual coffee brewing devices, home espresso machines, and commercial coffee equipment.

Prima also buys and trades espresso machines, offers maintenance and repair services, and provides custom equipment curation for and consults with new coffee shop owners.

“Prima is not only focused on having an exceptionally curated catalog,” said Jordan Kavuma, Director of Marketing at Prima. “We are consistently producing high-quality educational content for our customers to improve their brewing practice and use their equipment to their fullest potential.”

The company’s education content, which includes product overviews and comparisons, coffee brewing and roasting guides, and maintenance information, plays a large role in creating a strong relationship with customers, Kavuma said.

“Customers come back to our site time and time again to learn how to improve their brewing skills,” she said.

Prima’s approach is paying off. The coffee equipment company processes about 30,000 orders a year on its website. Its success can’t be boiled down to one moment, Kavuma said.

“Over time we have seen steady growth and there have been times where we have had big breaks and leaps forward, thanks to various partnerships,” she said, “but we have maintained our pattern of consistency to achieve great results.”

Part of Prima’s great results include a seamless checkout experience. In March 2021, Prima installed payments platform Fast’s one-click checkout button. With Fast Checkout, customers can purchase products in just one click.

“We saw it as an opportunity to create an optimized checkout experience for our customers,” Kavuma said. 

So far, up to 10% of Prima’s orders have been processed by Fast, with the number increasing the longer the button is on the site, Kavuma said.

In the months and years to come, Prima will continue to find ways to optimize its site for user experience, and using Fast will contribute to that goal.

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