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Kettlebell Kings: Tools to reach pinnacle fitness

Kettlebell Kings uses checkout platform Fast to offer one-click payments on its website.

At home or in the gym, Kettlebell Kings creates superior kettlebells that help sculpt and chisel the human form into a work of art.

Kettlebell Kings was founded with the goal of creating a superior kettlebell, which is a cast-iron or cast-steel weight with a handle that can be used for a variety of training exercises. Whether the person’s a beginner just starting out or an athlete who needs top-of-the-line equipment, Kettlebell Kings has them covered.

The company’s kettlebells were designed and created by collaborating with the foremost experts and trainers to create the best possible tool for functional training. In addition to the quality of the kettlebell, Kettlebell Kings also offers a wide range of informative videos and tutorials to help fitness enthusiasts get the most out of their purchases and workouts.

“At Kettlebell Kings, we’ve built our business on a customer-first approach that manifests itself in two ways,” said Jay Perkins, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Kettlebell Kings. “The first is trying to create an amazing customer experience by answering questions, providing high-quality products and addressing any issues immediately. We go out of our way to make sure the kettlebells received by our customers are in good condition and if there are any issues, we fix it immediately. The second? Free and fast shipping.”

Superior construction is at the core of these kettlebells. A smooth handle and a well-machined flat base for stability provide a premium kettlebell that is unmatched in form, function, and feel.

Kettlebell Kings designs kettlebells that are suitable for wherever someone is in their workout journey. The company’s lineup includes powder-coat, competition-style, adjustable, and even customizable kettlebells.

As well as this extensive selection of kettlebells, there are also racks, wraps, and all types of accessories available. For those athletes looking to take their fitness routines to the next level, a wide variety of workouts can be found on the Kettlebell Kings website too. These range from kettlebell workouts, band, and battle rope workouts, and even wellness plans.

“Kettlebell Kings doesn't just sell kettlebells,” Perkins said. “We sell an entire lifestyle centered around peak performance in life. The benefits of kettlebell workouts are numerous: overall strength, core power, balance, flexibility, and coordination. Kettlebell Kings is passionate about providing people from all walks of life the tools to transform their minds and bodies.”

Kettlebell Kings goes Fast

In June of 2021, Kettlebell Kings partnered with checkout platform Fast to make it much easier to get kettlebells in the hands of customers. Fast is home of the one-click payment button Fast Checkout, which allows customers to complete orders in a matter of seconds. When they click the payment button, they skip past the part when they have to type out their payment and shipping information each time they’re ready to check out.

Kettlebell Kings customers can buy this kettlebell set in one click with Fast Checkout.

Shoppers only have to share their information once, the first time they click the Fast Checkout button. Afterwards, shoppers never have to sign in or fill out payment details to buy something at any store that uses Fast Checkout. Going forward, when they click the button, their items are instantly ordered. And if they need to update their order, Fast offers a five-minute window post checkout to so.

“Fast is transforming our customers’ experience on our website,” Perkins said. “Some days, more than 75% of our customers use Fast Checkout to complete their orders. It’s a simple and quick tool that makes buying something enjoyable.”

See Fast Checkout in action on the Fast home page. Ready to go Fast? Contact [email protected].

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