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Introducing Fast’s Zero Fraud Guarantee: Our Chargeback Protection for Sellers

One click. Zero fraud.

Justin Abel, Sr. Director Payment Operations & Risk, Fast

At Fast, we’re focused on making online shopping quick, easy and safe for everyone on the internet. That means ensuring sellers can dramatically increase sales and conversions by offering one-click checkout to their buyers and ensuring online merchants can have peace of mind knowing that all of those additional purchases are protected from fraud.

Today we are doubling down on this commitment to sellers by announcing a Zero Fraud Guarantee that’s now automatically available at no cost to every new Fast seller on our standard pricing plan. This means that nearly every merchant using Fast Checkout will be 100% protected from fraudulent chargebacks, allowing them to focus on what they do best: selling their products, instead of worrying about scam purchases.

Fast is offering premium chargeback protection that many other payments companies charge sellers a premium price to receive – in many cases 0.4% per transaction or more. We made the decision to offer this service at no additional cost on our standard pricing plan because security and trust is such a core principle at Fast; it is integral to our one-click purchase offering. In fact, if you are using another company’s payments platform and they don’t offer you free chargeback protection against fraud, maybe it's time to rethink who you are working with and how much they value your business.

After many years in the payments and risk space, I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about how to improve the buying and selling experience, while reducing fraud. So I want to share some of my thinking behind this big decision by Fast to include Zero Fraud in our core offering. We never want the risk of fraud (or the burden of sham chargebacks) to hinder Fast merchants from selling their products. Although 2020 was a record year for e-commerce growth with online sales steadily rising quarter after quarter, unfortunately merchants experienced a 24% spike in e-commerce fraud as cybertheft surged amid the pandemic. And this is only expected to grow as shopping habits increasingly shift online for the long haul. As cybercriminals constantly up their sophisticated tactics, we’ve made it effortless for our sellers to focus on conversion, without having to worry about fraudulent purchases made with stolen credit card information.

Most checkout fraud solutions only scratch the surface when it comes to protection, but Fast’s Zero Fraud is built into the platform to maximize purchase acceptance while also mitigating ongoing risk exposure. It even protects expedited orders, same-day shipping and in-store pickup, so protecting revenue does not interfere with delivery speed.

While sophisticated risk modeling systems can be pricey, we believe sellers of every size should have access to the very best protection. Cost should not be a deterrent, and sellers no longer need to choose between a seamless checkout experience and security. Zero Fraud is now applied to every new seller and is extremely affordable compared to other payment platforms. We’re guaranteeing no chargebacks for fraud at our standard pricing rates.

Fast is offering what no other company can to online sellers: one-click sales and zero fraud. To learn more, visit

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