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Indo Board balances fun and fitness

Hunter Joslin was a natural athlete who grew up spending much of his time at the local swimming pool in North Palm Beach, Florida. It was there that he found a homemade balance board in the attic.

Joslin immediately stepped onto the board, assumed the posture, then fell flat on his back. An avid surfer, he accepted the challenge of mastering the board, because using it recreated the freedom he felt on a surfboard.


In 1975, Joslin created the prototype for what would be called the Indo Board, a balance board trainer intended for training surfers out of the water. But it wasn’t until 1998, that the product officially went on the market and an entire company with the same name was built around it.

“He realized it could be a fun thing for people to do, but he wanted to actually invent one that was more functional and cool,” said Mike Giordano, Indo Board’s director of e-commerce. “He did that, and it caught on.”

It caught on so much so that people of all ages and levels of fitness wanted to give it a try.

What Joslin officially launched at the 1998 Surf Expo Trade Show in Orlando, Florida, soon became a go-to brand for leg strength and core fitness. Olympic medalists and world champions from across the sports world swear by it.

The Indo Board Original features a 30-by-18 inch oval deck and comes in 11 colors. Customers have six bundle options that include various accessories for the boards. The company also sells seven other boards, including the Indo Board Pro for advanced riders to learn cross-stepping, Indo Rocker Board for advanced tricks like 180- and 360-degree spins and shuvits, and Indo Board Mini Original for children ages 3-8 years old.

INDO BOARD Rocker Board

To manage its growing fan base, Indo Board uses the e-commerce platform BigCommerce to operate its online store. But Indo Board still hadn’t found the perfect checkout experience for their customers.

Installing Fast

That’s where Fast came in.

Fast removes the cumbersome process of taking out a payment card; reading and typing out the card number, security code, and expiration date; and adding a shipping address – just to make one purchase. With one-click checkout, orders go through in less than two seconds.

“Once we flipped the switch on this, we saw people start using it right away,” Giordano said. “Our overall conversion rate went up. It was already up over last year, but it went up even more.”

Roughly 20% of Indo Board sales are being processed by Fast, Giordano said.

“The more people recognize that logo and that button,” he said, “they're going to one-click checkout.”

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