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Hoops King shoots, and scores, with one-stop shop for basketball education and training equipment

During the early days of e-commerce, Iowa-based educator Chris Hungerford decided to leverage his coaching expertise and his passion for basketball to launch an online business of his own. The website for Hoops King went live in 2000, making it a pioneer within the niche.

While there were a few online retailers offering either instructional resources or products for kids working to improve their basketball skills, Hungerford wanted his online store to be the one-stop shop for basketball instruction. That’s why Hoops King offered both educational training videos as well as basketball training equipment right from the start.

By 2008, Hungerford was able to leave his teaching job and pursue Hoops King full time, and he’s been managing its expansion since then. Today the business generates nearly seven figures in annual sales and offers its own collection of private-label products across various selling platforms.

The search for an online checkout solution and workaround

In 2015 Hungerford moved the Hoops King site over to BigCommerce and, thanks to various tech integrations, was finally able to automate many of the time-consuming tasks he’d been doing manually for years. He was also able to introduce a few additional payment options at checkout, like Apple Pay and PayPal.

However, there was a problem. Because of a back-end issue with their custom checkout API build, online shoppers weren’t able to complete their purchases once they reached the shopping cart. The online checkout workflow was broken.

“It didn’t matter that PayPal and Apple Pay were available as one-click payment methods –customers couldn’t even get to that step of the checkout workflow,” Hungerford said. 

The site was bleeding sales and losing customers, and he needed a workaround that would help resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

Enter Fast.

Partnering with Fast for One-Click Checkout 

When Hungerford reached out to get Fast installed on his site, he was blown away that the team was able to get him set up so quickly.

“The team at Fast worked on a Saturday to get it installed on my site," he said. "They were so helpful and really lived up to their company name. I so appreciated their extra effort and the incredible support they delivered as they went out of their way to help me.”

Thanks to Fast’s one-click checkout buttons that are installed on product pages, the Hoops King online checkout experience is faster and more streamlined than ever before. Thirty days post-installation, about 15-20% of Hoops King’s sales are already coming through Fast.

“I think having Fast as part of the website just makes us come across more professional and polished, too,” Hungerford said. “It gives our customers a solid impression and has improved our overall customer experience. There’s really no downside to it.”

Looking forward, he has plans to expand Hoops King into other sports beyond basketball and will lean into more custom-made products, like coaching boards. Fast will be there to help drive sales along the way.

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