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Headless Checkout: Explained (Video)

Imagine someone’s shopping in a grocery store.

Their cart’s full. They think they have everything they need. Then they make their way toward the checkout clerk.

Then, suddenly, they stop, step away from their cart, and walk right out of the store.

More than 70% of online shopping experiences end this way. Most shoppers say they leave items behind in their online cart because the checkout process can be long and confusing.

What if customers could avoid those extra clicks and purchase items instantly? With headless checkout, now they can.

Headless checkout takes the purchasing experience beyond a seller’s website, allowing them to sell products anywhere online and offline.

Here’s an example:

Say an Instagram influencer raves about a new line of lip glosses. With headless checkout, that influencer can write a review about it, embed an image of their favorite lip gloss along with a checkout button in the post, and readers can buy it on the spot. No need for extra clicks or going through a cumbersome checkout.

Headless checkout means no more opening multiple windows and jumping between websites just to buy one thing. And no more passwords or long forms.

Behind the scenes, headless checkout connects a one-click payments provider like Fast to seller's backend systems and inventories, allowing each product to be embedded for sale on virtually any other site.

With headless checkout, customers can instantly purchase products featured in social media posts, emails, and any other platform.

Headless checkout even works with QR codes.

Imagine spotting a QR code in your mail, on TV, catalogues, or products themselves. All you’d have to do is hold up your phone, scan, and the item’s ordered.

With headless checkout, it’s one click, and that’s it.

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