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Hardwood Lumber Company: Growth through A+ e-commerce experience

Founded in 1958, Hardwood Lumber Company has grown from a small, local sawmill in Burton, Ohio to a large-scale lumber company that’s nationally recognized as a producer of top-quality architectural millwork, stair treads and risers, butcher block countertops, and a full line of brushes and brooms.

“Through careful nurturing and meticulous attention to detail, the Hardwood Lumber Company has progressively grown to become a nationally recognized producer of quality architectural millwork, stair treads and risers, butcher block countertops, and a full line of brushes and brooms,” said Andy Burkholder, Sales and Marketing Manager at Hardwood Lumber Company.

The company’s expanded lineup now includes brands like Mouldings One, The St. Nick Brush Company, and Sheoga Flooring and Paneling, Inc.

Fueling their growth and expansion is the company’s e-commerce site, which is now the primary way they drive sales. They are constantly looking for ways to improve their online shopping experience so that it’s as easy and frictionless as possible for digital-first shoppers. Checkout optimization has been a major focus of these efforts in recent months.

Less Checkout Friction, Better UX

Working with an online storefront that runs on BigCommerce, Hardwood Lumber Company has been searching for innovations that would make their online checkout experience run faster, smoother, and more simply.

Limited to default e-commerce checkout flows that required shoppers to enter many details and to do lots of scrolling on a mobile device, they knew they needed a better option that would make their online checkout a more seamless experience.

“We’d previously tried other checkout services like Bolt and, but with these options, we saw very high transaction fees and lackluster user experience,” Burkholder said. “We needed something different.”

That’s where Fast came in.

Partnering with Fast for one-click checkout

“Because of new innovations like Fast checkout, e-commerce is the fastest-growing part of our business,” Burkholder said.

Once Hardwood Lumber Company signed up for Fast and implemented it within their BigCommerce store, the results were noticeable almost overnight: Less than 30 days in, Hardwood Lumber Company’s online order volume is already up about 10%.

With this new, frictionless checkout experience, the company is now positioned to grow at an even faster growth clip with fewer abandoned carts, happier customers, and an overall more positive customer experience. 

The best part: This customer experience improvement ties into the company’s mission of paying close attention to detail for their customers to provide the best possible service and products.

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