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Hammock Gear sends adventurers on their way with state-of-the-art backpacking equipment

Founded in 2009, camping equipment company Hammock Gear started with an idea following a hike on the Appalachian Trail. Section hiking on that iconic route that stretches from Georgia to Maine, Adam Hurst brought with him a mix of camping gear he had purchased and designed himself.

“He came back from that trip thinking, ‘Wow, I could do such a better job,’ and started working on creating his own designs for his own personal use,” said Sally Brown, President of Hammock Gear.

An avid DIYer, Hurst frequented hammock forums to discuss his experiences and shared his designs there first.

“There weren't a lot of places to get this at the time. So most people were just making their own hammock camping equipment,” Brown said. “And before you knew it, people were asking, ‘Hey, could you make one for me?’ ‘Could you make one for my friend?’ ‘Could you make one for my wife?’ So he found himself in a place where he started taking all these orders and then things picked up and they haven't slowed down since.”

Hammock Gear is a renowned maker of hammock camping equipment, a niche market within the industry that’s gained prominence in the last 10 years. The company sells hammocks, hammock shelters, quilts for insulation, ground equipment, and accessories. Hammock Gear’s primary products, though, are its top quilts and under quilts, which are the insulation needed to stay warm when camping. The company is noted for having one of the first ergonomic under quilt designs on the market. These quilts are ultralight and fit the user's body to minimize cold spots and keeps them comfortably warm with a customizable temperature rating.

Hammock Gear doesn't just sell camping equipment. The company also regularly publishes tips for how to maximize its customers' outdoors experience. Some recent topics highlight top hiking gear tech from the last 10 years, a hammock camping gift guide, and tips for hiking safely.

To improve customers’ shopping experience, Hammock Gear installed Fast, a one-click login and checkout service that processes purchases in seconds, in September 2020. Fast Checkout eliminates the tedious routine or typing out credit card and shipping information with every single order.

“I immediately associated it to my own user experience on Amazon, with having that ‘Buy Now’ button and thought, ‘Geez, how many times have I used that?’” Brown said.

Hammock Gear’s conversion rate increased 19.1% in the first three months of having Fast Checkout installed.

“Anything that we can do to reduce that friction, to get them to checkout; and definitely translates to a higher rate of conversion,” Brown said. “And just having a buy-now button made so much sense. Something that is on every single product page and not just in the shopping cart, which is where a lot of other payment options are located, just made perfect sense.”

One-click checkout comes in handy, as demand for Hammock Gear products has surged because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We're very, very fortunate to be in the outdoor industry, which flourished amidst this global pandemic where people find themselves really tired of staring at the same walls inside of their home, or maybe unable to go on vacation,” Brown said. “And so a lot of people are getting into camping that never considered doing it before, and we've been on the receiving end of that.”

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