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Gerard Cosmetics: Reducing cart abandonment with Fast Checkout

In 2010, Whitening Lightning founder and CEO Jennifer Gerard started a mobile teeth whitening service in Los Angeles, working to bring top-notch teeth whitening to the masses (without the mess, hassle and sensitivity of other products on the market.)

The operation expanded to offer makeup products as well, and in 2014, the cosmetics line was rolled out under a new brand name: Gerard Cosmetics. 

In two short years, the business had grown into a booming online operation and had become a staple for Hollywood celebrities, top YouTube creators, and Instagram influencers alike.

Because of their inroads with YouTube creators and the fast-growing Instagram audience, Gerard Cosmetics benefited from a massive influx of new online followers and customers. In fact, today the brand has almost 2 million followers on Instagram, which is where most of their customers come from in 2020.

Reducing cart abandonment

With ever-growing demand from online shoppers, Gerard knew she needed to optimize her online checkout experience to capture and convert interested visitors. Despite accepting various online payment methods like AfterPay, PayPal, and credit cards, shoppers were still leaving full carts behind.

The company’s cart abandonment rate was a major point of frustration for Gerard, and she wanted to do something to reduce the number of shoppers who just weren’t completing the online checkout process.

“I kept looking at the amount of abandoned carts we had and desperately wanted to convert more of those,” she said. “It was an eternal struggle, and I was looking for a way to accomplish that goal.”

That’s where Fast came in.

Partnering with Fast for One-Click Checkout

In early September of 2020, Gerard launched Fast Checkout on the Gerard Cosmetics e-commerce site, which allowed her shoppers to buy products in just one click (in a matter of mere seconds.)

One month in, cart abandonment rates are already on the decline and she’s seeing about 30% of customers using Fast Checkout as their payment method. She expects that percentage to increase as more people learn about it and sign up to use the frictionless payment method

“As one of the first brands to jump on the Fast train, I have to say the team has been amazing at addressing my concerns and listening to my feedback,” she said. 

“We’re already seeing more conversions which makes sense to me: So often I’m shopping on my phone while I’m doing other things, and the faster I can check out, the more likely I am to complete the purchase.”

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