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Gerard Cosmetics highlights four makeup essentials in Thought Catalog shoppable review

Gerard Cosmetics is sharing flawless makeup tips with digital youth culture magazine Thought Catalog in this shoppable article made possible by new technology from checkout platform Fast.

Gerard Cosmetics teamed up with checkout platform Fast to offer instant checkout in a shoppable article for Thought Catalog.

Gerard Cosmetics is a Los Angeles-based cosmetics company that’s built an international following with its emphasis on color, vibrancy, and performance.

In September of 2020, GC enlisted Fast to add its one-click payment button, Fast Checkout, to its website. GC wanted to deliver a magical one-click shopping experience for their customers and increase sales, and that’s exactly what happened. After installing Fast Checkout, the GC team saw checkout conversion increase 44% and average order value increase 10%.

More recently, the cosmetics company began using one of Fast’s newest features: one-click checkout, anywhere. The feature is made possible by headless checkout, a new technology Fast is pioneering that allows consumers to check out from anywhere. GC used headless checkout to bring a Thought Catalog article to life by making it shoppable.

When Thought Catalog readers see GC’s Eternal Eyeliner, Honeymoon Blush and Bronzer Starlet Face Palette, Cupid Glitter Lipstick, and Dreamsicle – Slay All Day Setting Spray, they can order them without being forced to leave the article and navigate over to GC’s site.

"When I learned about Fast, I got it instantly, and I said, 'When can I have that?'" Gerard said. "The same thing happened again when I learned about Fast's headless checkout feature. One-click checkout, anywhere will help Gerard Cosmetics exponentially grow the number of people we reach."

Thought Catalog readers can purchase the Cupid Glitter Lipstick from Gerard Cosmetics while reading this article.

Why merchants need headless checkout

Merchants need headless checkout because it allows their customers to check out from anywhere in one click. Headless checkout also allows customers to instantly purchase products from publisher articles, display ads, and even connected TVs.

When customers first click "Fast Checkout," they enter their name, address, and payment information while making their first purchase through Fast. After that transaction, shoppers never have to re-enter that information again. From that point, when they’re ready to make a purchase, it's one click and that's it. When customers use Fast’s payment button, they also can edit their orders or add items within 5 minutes of checkout.

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