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From mobile to global, Whitening Lightning brightens smiles at affordable cost

In 2010, Jen Gerard launched a mobile teeth whitening service in Los Angeles that leaves out the typical side effects found with similar products: mess, hassle, and sensitivity.

“I went to people's homes and offices to whiten their teeth,” Gerard said. “The products we created were such a hit locally that we decided to offer them on their own.”

Gerard’s teeth-whitening service, Whitening Lightning, quickly went from mobile to global, becoming a bustling online business with simple to use and affordable products.

Whitening Lightning's most popular product is its Dial A Smile professional teeth whitening kit, which includes a syringe with whitening gel, wipes to prepare teeth for the gel, Vitamin E swabs for gum protection, and an LED light for activating the gel. Whitening Lightning also sells an all-natural, botanical whitener, as well as whitening pens and LED lights. The online business processes a few thousand orders a month.

Whitening Lightning has a large following on social media, with more than 280,000 followers on Facebook, 168,000 on Instagram, and 114,000 on Twitter. The business also has inspired numerous positive product reviews on YouTube.

“We have always been the high-touch brand,” Gerard said. “Always friendly, always prompt with a response, and always putting the customer first. This mantra has created a culture that is naturally engaging.”

Celebrities also love Whitening Lightning, becoming a hit at major Hollywood events. Its products have been included in exclusive celebrity gift bags, including for the Academy Awards, Emmy Awards, and the Academy of Country Music Awards.

When customers see Whitening Lightning’s popular products, they can order them on the spot in one click with the help of payments platform Fast. In November 2020, the business installed Fast Checkout, a payment button that allows shoppers to complete their purchases in a matter of seconds.

Gerard was impressed with the convenience and security that comes with using Fast.

“I was contacted by Ashley Ko (Account Manager at Fast), who sent me a video showing how it worked,” Gerard said. “I thought it was a no-brainer and signed up immediately.”

Fast now processes about one-third of Whitening Lightning’s orders. Gerard's other business, Gerard Cosmetics, also uses Fast Checkout. After installing the one-click checkout button, the beauty company saw conversion rise 44% and average order value increase 10%.

Gerard said she is looking forward to a long relationship with Fast.

“There are so many things on the horizon for our brand,” Gerard said. “We are excited to partner with Fast. As Fast grows, we can educate consumers about each other.”

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