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Footwear store Kwame Baah fights poverty and empowers artisans in Ghana

Kwame Baah is a U.S.-based company that provides ethically made, stylish footwear while simultaneously supporting Ghanian artisans. 

Working to fight poverty by providing living wages to talented creators, Kwame Baah products help make the world a better place one sale at a time. The business sells sandals, sneakers, headbands, bracelets, and cuffs. Its sandals and sneakers come in three styles: kente print, kente woven, and leather.

Native to Ghana, Founder George Kwame Baah grew up with a single mother. At an early age, he started making shoes to earn money. Eventually, he journeyed to the U.S. to study engineering and brought his shoe business along.

This December, the company will celebrate its 10th anniversary. 

“It’s been a tough 10 years,” Baah said. “So many times I felt like I should quit, but you always want to remember the reason you started.” 

The pandemic put Kwame Baah in a tough position. Until then, the majority of sales were from in-person art and music festivals and trade shows. When COVID-19 hit, in-person sales disappeared. But Baah persevered and made it through. 

“When we survived last year, I knew we were meant to stay,” he said.

Kwame Baah shifted focus to selling its shoes online, and one of the newest additions to its online space is Fast Checkout, a one-click payment option. With Fast, Kwame Baah simplifies the checkout process for its customers who want to avoid the tedious steps of adding items to a cart and filling out payment and shipping forms. Now, they can order a pair of shoes on the way out the door.

Having had Fast Checkout available for close to a year now, George Kwame Baah sees roughly half of his customers using it.

“At the end of the day, it’s not about me, it’s about the problem I’m solving for the customer,” he said. “If I can make the customers’ checkout experience more effective, then my business grows. I streamline the process so they don’t have to waste time.”

More stores should use Fast, Baah added.

“I’d say anyone who has an online business and wants to improve conversion should use Fast,” he said. “It makes checking out smoother and allows customers to buy quickly.”

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