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Food magazine The Kitchn raves about Prima Coffee Equipment tools in shoppable article

Readers of food magazine The Kitchn can now click one button to purchase popular tools from Prima Coffee Equipment in this article about elevating home-brewed coffee. Checkout platform Fast powers the new technology that makes it possible.

Prima Coffee Equipment is a family-owned coffee equipment supplier based in Louisville, Kentucky. Prima recently began sharing its products in shoppable articles.

Prima Coffee Equipment, a family-owned coffee equipment supplier, opened in 2009 with the mission of teaching everyone how to make great coffee. Prima offers coffee lovers a wide range of products, including manual coffee brewing devices, home espresso machines, and commercial equipment. Prima also buys and trades espresso machines, provides maintenance services, and operates a blog called the Prima Coffee Learning Center.

In March of 2021, Prima partnered with Fast to add the one-click payment button Fast Checkout to its website. Several months later, the business began using one of Fast’s newer features: one-click checkout, anywhere. The feature is made possible by headless checkout, a new technology Fast is pioneering that allows consumers to check out from anywhere. Prima used headless checkout to bring a Kitchn article to life by making it shoppable.

When Kitchn’s audience is reading about Prima’s Fellow Stagg EKG Water Boiler, Chemex 8-Cup Coffee Maker, Peak Water Pitcher, and other products, they can order them without leaving the article or the site.

“We were already impressed with Fast's performance on our website,” said Jordan Kavuma, Director of Marketing at Prima. “Now with Fast headless checkout, we’re exploring an exciting new tool that allows us to go where consumers are and share our high-quality coffee brewing equipment. It marries the worlds of content and commerce.”

The Kitchn readers can purchase the Chemex 8-Cup Coffee Maker from Prima Coffee Equipment while reading this article.

Why merchants need headless checkout

Merchants need headless checkout because it allows their customers to check out from anywhere in one click. Headless checkout also allows customers to instantly purchase products from publisher articles, display ads, and even connected TVs.

When customers first click "Fast Checkout," they enter their name, address, and payment information while making their first purchase through Fast. After that transaction, shoppers never have to re-enter that information again. From that point, when they’re ready to make a purchase, it's one click and that's it. When customers use Fast’s payment button, they also can edit their orders or add items within 5 minutes of checkout.

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