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Floracopeia: Wellness in a bottle

Floracopeia uses checkout platform Fast to power one-click purchases on its website. 

At Floracopeia, people can find a plant-based answer for many of their health and beauty needs.

Floracopeia is a supplier of organic essential oils, flower essences, and body and skin care from ecological sources throughout the world. Customers can shop by the benefit they seek: support immunity, reduce stress, and balance mind and body. Or they can try Floracopeia's best-selling products: Argan oil, lemon essential oil, Nectar of Immortelle facial rejuvenation serum, and lavender essential oil.

All Floracopeia products do not contain pesticides, preservatives, or animal or animal-derived ingredients, and are cruelty-free.

"These botanical treasures positively influence our mental, physical, and spiritual health – as they support the economic health of small communities around the world," Floracopeia CEO Wendy Wheeler said. "When our founder was studying in the Himalayas, he saw the region's widespread ecological destruction firsthand, but he also saw how medicinal plants were essential to solving many interrelated global problems, including lack of healthcare, poverty, and environmental destruction."

Floracopeia’s products come from Madagascar, Ecuador, Fiji, Sri Lanka, and many more places.

“Each source holds an inspiring story – of hardworking communities, organic agriculture, sustainable agroforestry, economic upliftment, grassroots healthcare, and the preservation of ethnobotanical culture,” Wheeler said. “We know it’s important to our community that each product leaves positive footprints behind on its journey to them. It means the world to us, too.”

Floracopeia goes Fast

In July of 2021, Floracopeia installed Fast Checkout, the one-click payment button from checkout platform Fast. With Fast, Floracopeia’s customers can buy products in mere seconds. When customers click the payment button, they skip past usernames, passwords, and typing out payment card information.

Floracopeia customers can now buy Argan oil in one click with Fast Checkout.

Customers only have to enter their information once, the first time they use Fast Checkout. Afterwards, shoppers never have to sign in again to buy something at any store that uses the checkout button. Once they click “Fast Checkout,” their items are ordered right away. And if they want to adjust their order, Fast offers a five-minute window after checkout to do just that.

“With Fast, we’re not only selling the best plant-based wellness products in the world,” Wheeler said, “we're also making the ordering process an enjoyable experience.”

See Fast Checkout in action on the Fast home page. Ready to go Fast? Contact [email protected].

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