Back to Posts The go-to online discount office supplies for businesses partnered with checkout platform Fast to offer a one-click purchase feature on its website.

Many say the future is digital, but papers still need to be filed. Just ask is an online store for specialty filing systems and supplies. Customers can find personal service and discounted prices on more than 5,000 standard file folders, more than 7,000 types of labels, label printing and records management software, and more than 60,000 general office products. If one of its thousands of available ready-to-order file folders don't do the trick, offers customers the options to either create their own custom folders or labels or request special designs.

The online store regularly serves more than 15,000 clients that span multiple industries: law firms; healthcare operations, including dental, optometry, chiropractic, and veterinary clinics; major corporations and small businesses; educational institutions; and local to federal government offices.

"More than an office-products commodity provider, our clients aim to achieve industry compliance and a competitive advantage through effective records management," said Curtis Dadian, CEO at "We exist to make sure they hit the target." goes Fast

In June of 2021, installed the Fast Checkout, the one-click payment button from checkout platform Fast. With Fast, customers can complete their orders in a matter of seconds. When they click “Fast Checkout,” they no longer have to type out their payment and shipping information every time they want to make a purchase. customers can buy this file folder in one click with Fast Checkout.

Shoppers only have to share their information once, when they use Fast Checkout for the first time. For all future checkouts, shoppers simply click “Fast Checkout,” and their items are ordered. And if they want to update their order, Fast offers a five-minute window after checkout to do so.

“Most of our customers are repeat customers, so there’s an incentive to use the Fast Checkout button,” Dadian said. “Now, when they come to our site, they find what they need, click the button, and they're done. Easy.”

See Fast Checkout in action on the Fast home page. Ready to go Fast? Contact [email protected].

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