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Fast sells 50,000 hoodies in latest promotion with NASCAR driver Parker Kligerman

Gary Darna, General Manager at the Fast Store

NASCAR driver Parker Kligerman at the 2021 Hollywood Casino 400 race at Kansas Speedway on Oct. 24, 2021.

Forty NASCAR drivers weren’t the only ones going fast at the 2021 Hollywood Casino 400 race at Kansas Speedway on Oct. 24.

We celebrated the seventh race in the Cup Series playoffs with a new Fast hoodie promotion powered by our favorite driver, Parker Kligerman. The latest “Parker Goes Fast” campaign quickly eclipsed its two predecessors, generating more than 50,000 orders in just 12 hours. The promotion also was the biggest display yet of Fast headless checkout, a new technology we’re pioneering that allows consumers to buy products from anywhere in the world. 

So how did we do it? Well, this time we branded Parker’s car with QR codes on its hood, sides, and the interior. Anyone who scanned one of those codes immediately could buy a Fast hoodie. During this promotion, more than 70,000 people scanned our QR codes.

NASCAR driver Parker Kligerman

The QR code promotion is one example of headless checkout.

Headless checkout splits the purchasing experience from merchants’ websites, giving consumers the opportunity to buy products wherever they see them, without having to navigate to another site. This can work in two ways: consumers can spot products they like in digital ads, emails, social media, etc. and buy them right there by clicking “Fast Checkout,” our one-click payment button. The other way is by scanning one of our QR codes in the real world for immediate checkout.

Click here or on the photo above to learn more about headless checkout.

Last spring, we had been looking for a new way to share Fast’s mission, and Parker stood out to us because of his strong connection with his fans, his fun and positive attitude, and most importantly, he loves to go fast.

Parker learned about Fast more than a year ago, immediately being struck by our name.

“When I discovered it was about facilitating one-click checkout, I was very excited as that had been a consistent frustration for me shopping online,” he said. “Eventually, I reached out to Domm (Co-Founder and CEO at Fast) and Allison (Co-Founder and COO at Fast) over a Twitter DM, and they were gracious enough to chat with me about their marketing plans and explain their company mission.”

The three kept in touch and supported each other’s paths over social media, with no expectations or discussions of anything beyond that, Parker said.

Then, Parker recalled, “Domm DM’d me, saying it was time to go racing.” The first of three successful promotions with Parker began in June.

ParkerGoesFast (June 18, 2021)

On June 18, 2021, we sponsored Parker's truck in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race at Nashville Superspeedway. We branded his truck with the Fast logo and a link to our site, and created the "ParkerGoesFast" coupon code for discounted Fast hoodies. After Parker shared the code and a link to the Fast Store on Twitter and his tweet went viral, we immediately saw an influx of orders. By the next day, we received more than 1,000 new orders for our popular hoodie. By the end of the month, we received more than 3,000 orders.

This promotion showed a lot of promise, so we were eager to create another opportunity to work with Parker, show even more people the magic of one-click checkout, and grow our base of buyers who signed up for Fast Checkout.

NASCAR driver Parker Kligerman models The Fast Hoodie.

ParkerGoesFast II (August 7, 2021)

In August, we sponsored Parker for a race at the Watkins Glen International and ran a “Parker Goes Fast” hoodie campaign. Demand for Fast hoodies exceeded our expectations, with more than 5,000 buyers placing orders over the weekend of the race. The excitement from the second Parker promotion inspired us to stock apparel at three fulfillment centers on three continents to ensure we rarely sell out of our popular hoodies. That came in handy with the 2021 Hollywood Casino 400 race.

In-between races, Parker is one of our best ambassadors, regularly joining in our online banter and pointing people to our products. He even played a big part in welcoming our Co-Founder and CEO, Domm Holland, to Tampa, Florida. Thanks to Parker, millions of NASCAR fans have been introduced to Fast and a seamless checkout experience.

“Now when I am at racetracks across the country, people are having me sign their Fast hoodies or simply yelling the word "Fast," which has been epic,” Parker said. “So with the massive hoodie promotion at Kansas, I think I will be signing Fast hoodies for the rest of my life. It's been great to see NASCAR fans get behind the Fast brand.” 

These promotions do more than raise brand awareness. Operating our own store and using the Fast Checkout button and QR codes for swag give us insights into what our sellers and their customers experience when they use our products and grow our buyer base. 

Selling more than 50,000 Fast hoodies blew away our most optimistic estimates and proves the power of QR codes and one-click checkout. This form of commerce can be deployed in many out-of-home purchasing experiences. One great example is our recently announced partnership with Vinik Sports Group and Tampa Bay Lightning to equip 10,000 cup holders in Amalie Arena with QR codes powered by Fast headless checkout – allowing fans to scan and purchase merchandise from their seats.

This is just the beginning of how Fast is revolutionizing the shopping experience.

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