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Fast Partner Program: Meet obundle

obundle is a development and design agency that exclusively focuses on e-commerce platform BigCommerce. Founded in 2014, obundle’s custom theme design and web development work improves e-commerce stores’ conversion rates, SEO ranking, and product images.

“We were founded to fill a need I saw in the e-commerce partner ecosystem of an agency that focuses on design and development services exclusively for the BigCommerce platform,” said Andrew Riggins, Founder and Solutions Architect at obundle.

In its seven years, obundle has served more than 500 clients, including one publicly traded company. Its client list includes AquaTeak, which originated the teak shower bench; affordable and high-quality snowshoe seller Crescent Moon Snowshoes; and Good Start Packaging, which sells earth-conscious food packaging.

"We take on anything from full theme builds to custom middleware to apps," Riggins said.

In March of 2021, obundle teamed up with payments platform Fast to connect its clients with a Fast’s one-click checkout. Fast Checkout removes the hassle of entering usernames and passwords, payment details, and addresses during every purchase, replacing the process with just one click.

“We learned about Fast from the BigCommerce App Store,” Riggins said. “We are always looking for partners to help our clients accelerate their growth.”

One client obundle introduced to Fast was Seek Outside, which sells ultralight tents, titanium wood stoves, and backpacks for all-season backcountry adventures.

Partnering with Fast will help obundle reach the goal that's top of mind in the e-commerce space.

“Shortening the path to purchase for ecommerce is the growing common trend we see with innovations in the industry,” Riggins said. “Companies like Fast – providing the easiest checkout experience possible, coupled with headless front end architecture – will make shopping for the end-consumer that much easier and thus profitable for the merchant.”

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