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Fast Partner Program: Meet Moustache Republic

Moustache Republic is an e-commerce solutions agency based in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.

After running his own e-commerce business and working at one of the most reputable marketing and web design agencies in New Zealand, Tony Hou started Moustache Republic in 2013 to combine e-commerce consultation with standout design and future-proof development. The agency’s services include digital strategy, digital commerce UI/UX design, e-commerce website development, and omni-channel integration.

“I wanted to create an agency that walks the walk,” Hou said. “It’s a marriage between art and science. Moustache Republic is known in the market to produce the most beautiful and premium e-commerce sites that convert.”

Moustache Republic’s approach is a winner with clientele.

“Our biggest accomplishment is continuously helping our clients grow and scale their businesses and making digital commerce a competitive advantage for them,” Hou said. “This is reflected in our high client retention rate – over 90%.”

One way Moustache Republic helps its clients scale is by connecting them with innovative products that improve customer experience and, as a result, boost sales. As soon as it entered the Australian market in 2021, Moustache Republic was introduced to payments platform Fast, the company bringing one-click checkout to the entire internet. With Fast Checkout, buyers no longer have to deal with the hassle of memorizing usernames and passwords, or repeatedly entering payment details and addresses each time they want to make a purchase.

“We had Fast complete a series of demos and did our own research, and decided to not only partner with Fast but also do what we can to make sure Fast gets the traction they deserve in the market,” Hou said. “It is a product Australia and New Zealand have been waiting on for years.”

Moustache Republic has ambitious goals for e-commerce, and partnering with Fast is moving the agency closer to them.

“The biggest goal is to advance the e-commerce experience to the next level, so that it is not only beautiful and functional, but also blazing fast,” Hou said. “That’s why we are heavily investing in headless commerce and other technologies to make e-commerce a faster experience, and Fast is a critical part of it.”

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