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Fast Partner Program: Meet MAK Digital Design

MAK Digital Design is a full-service development company specializing in graphic and web design, custom programming, and database integration. Founded in 2013 by Marina Lippincott and her husband, Andrew Lippincott, the agency was inspired by the countless e-commerce projects they’d worked on over the years.

“We saw and experienced the good and bad of it, and we were driven to improve upon it where we could,” Andrew Lippincott said. “This enabled us to differentiate and carve out a niche for ourselves in the industry.”

MAK stands out because it's a boutique agency with the ability to pivot and shift focus when it identifies new technology that can be applied within e-commerce. Also, being family-owned gives the company an edge, Andrew Lippincott said.

“We treat our clients like they're part of the family, and the levels of accessibility, transparency, and communication that we're able to achieve are likely the primary reasons why our client retention rate is so high, and why word of mouth is still our best source of new business,” he said.

MAK’s clients aren’t the only ones taking notice. In 2020, the company won BigCommerce’s U.S. Agency Partner of the Year Award.

“We believe that serves as a testament to the quality of the work we do, since just nine of us beat out the large, coast-to-coast BigCommerce partners to get that award,” Andrew Lippincott said.

In January of 2021, MAK teamed up with payments platform Fast to connect e-commerce clients with a one-click checkout provider (Fast Checkout). Fast Checkout removes the hassle of entering usernames and passwords, payment details, and addresses during every purchase, replacing that process with just one click.

Partnering with Fast was a no-brainer, Andrew Lippincott said.

“Our primary goal is to enable our clients' successes, and Fast is a clear choice in helping us achieve that goal,” he said. “A lot of agencies adopt the strategy of partnering with every technology in the industry. It's obvious why that is a go-to strategy. However, we've taken a different approach: We partner with companies that are differentiated, driven, and offer a proven, best-of-breed solution.”

When MAK recommends a solution to clients, they know that it works, has a clear return on investment, and that the agency stands by it, Andrew Lippincott said.

“We are both heavily invested in our clients' successes and this particular shared interest lends itself for a strong relationship,” he said.

One such client was Long Island Watch. MAK performed full data migration, creative development, site technical SEO optimization, and additional custom features development.

The owner, Marc Frankel, was in the midst of a large migration project from Volusion to BigCommerce Enterprise, Andrew Lippincott recalled.

“He was already completely stoked for the upgrade that BigCommerce Enterprise native would bring him, but to have an even more streamlined checkout for his shoppers just flat-out blew him away,” he said. “We had a rather smooth launch, and after his team became acclimated with the change, around a couple months later is when he had Fast Checkout installed. With the snap of a finger, he saw a 10% increase in conversions.”

Fast shared Long Island Watch’s story in an April 2021 profile.

As for the future, MAK plans to remain focused on the work it does for its clients and continue growing without sacrificing quality or taking on projects that aren’t the right fit.

“We are cognizant of the fact that a few years is a lifetime in the world of e-commerce,” Andrew Lippincott said, “so for us it's all about preparation for adaptation and ensuring a very loose grip on the wheel.”

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