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Fast Parents: Kaitlyn Hova discusses routines, responsibilities, and work culture

Fast is growing – and it’s not just because we’re on a hiring spree.

Many Fastronauts are becoming parents, and we couldn’t be more excited. At Fast, we celebrate and support the whole person. What does that look like? We give Fastronauts the freedom to own where they work, how they work, and when they work. We offer other family-friendly benefits, including unlimited paid vacation, comprehensive insurance (99% of premiums covered by Fast), and up to 12 weeks of paid parental leave.

We asked parents on our team how they’re able to juggle family and other responsibilities while also deftly excelling at work. Here’s what Senior Software Engineer Kaitlyn Hova had to say:

Kaitlyn Hova and her family

What are your routines and processes?

We have two kiddos (1.5 and 3) and usually our day starts with our oldest waking us up at 5 a.m. to say "Hello! Morning!" They go to different daycares right now, so our routine is usually absolute chaos in the morning. Once they get to daycare, there's time to collect yourself and have time to center for your work day. Picking them up at the end of the day is such a payoff when they run toward you with a big smile.

I really appreciate the flexibility of Fast because we just commit to what we need to get done and however you do it, you get it done.

What’s the best advice you’ve received about managing work and personal responsibilities?

There's always a frustration where you're like, “Oh, I really want to get something done, but my kid is screaming right now.” Along those lines, the best bit of advice that's helped me cope the most is when your kids are screaming and struggling with something, it's not that they're giving you a hard time, it’s that they're having a hard time. They have no idea what's going on, so you need to help them.

Fast gives engineers a lot of ownership over their work and trusts us to finish what we set out to do during our sprints. I'll always get my work done even if it's on a wild schedule. We have a ton of parents on our team who understand how it is. Whenever something happens they say, "It's so fine. Just go."

What kind of culture does a company need to make balancing all responsibilities work for its people? 

Remote work works when you have good managers, because they don’t need to see you sitting to know you’re doing what you’re supposed to do. My manager, Eric (Schulte, Engineering Manager at Fast) is the best! We hire great engineers, and there is a trust that we will get things done. If your company doesn't have trust in their employees, that's a bigger issue than just remote work versus in-office work.

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