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Fast Parents: Bade Adebayo talks growing responsibilities, shares best advice he’s received

Fast is growing – and it’s not just because we’re on a hiring spree.

Many Fastronauts are becoming parents, and we couldn’t be more excited. At Fast, we celebrate and support the whole person. What does that look like? We give Fastronauts the freedom to own where they work, how they work, and when they work. We offer other family-friendly benefits, including unlimited paid vacation, comprehensive insurance (99% of premiums covered by Fast), and up to 12 weeks of paid parental leave.

We asked parents on our team how they’re able to juggle family and other responsibilities while also deftly excelling at work. Here’s what Senior Front End Engineer Bade Adebayo had to say:

Bade Adebayo (second from left) and his family

What are your routines and processes?

Starting the work day later works best for me. I still wake up early. I recently had twins, but before the twins I would wake up between 6-7 a.m. With the twins, it's more so around 5 a.m. This allows me to wake up before the kids so I exercise, shower, and eat breakfast. By 8 a.m., my five-year-old is awake, so between 8-10 a.m., I'm making her breakfast, brushing teeth, and bathing her. When we were on lockdown, I also used that time to give her some worksheets and lessons.

How does working at Fast impact how you work and parent?

Working at Fast has given me a lot more flexibility. I feel like I am more invested in my kids and able to spend more time with them. There are pros and cons to this, but the flexibility also allows me to schedule my days in a way where I can have alone time when I need it. It also gives me the ability to do activities during the day with my daughter when she is sick of being in the house, and end my day later.

My daughter just started kindergarten, and being able to work remotely simplifies pick-up and drop-off for me greatly. It also gives my family more options for daycare when my twins start after my wife goes back to work. Twins make it doubly expensive, but we now have the option for part-time daycare, since I don't have to be in the office every day.

What’s the best advice you've received?

From my parents: in marriage we are equal partners, and when we work together in that way, it makes it much easier and less stressful for day-to-day things. This for me and my wife translates into both of us understanding there are seasons when one pulls more weight than the other, but we have an understanding that no role is reserved for one person. So sometimes I cook dinner, sometimes I take the kids to activities, or sometimes she does yard work. Basically, whoever is available handles it, and if we both don't feel like it, then that's OK, too.

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