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Fast partners with Nexcess to bring one-click checkout to WooCommerce merchants

At Fast, we’re solving the biggest problem in e-commerce: cart abandonment.

About 70% of all potential customers add items to shopping carts in online stores but never go forward with purchasing them. Many customers say they leave items behind because they don’t want to bother with tedious and complex checkout processes. 

Fast reduces that friction with its one-click payment button, Fast Checkout.

With Fast, merchants can eliminate the excruciating ritual of typing out usernames, passwords, CAPTCHAs, addresses, payment card information, and other details that can stand between a customer and a purchase. And when customers have a seamless checkout experience, merchants see an increase in conversion and sales.

In December 2020, Fast announced a major expansion to the WooCommerce and WordPress community by making Fast Checkout available to the 4 million e-commerce stores on the WooCommerce platform. Since its launch, Fast has seen significant growth. Now, we are incredibly excited to work with the best-in-class partner in the WooCommerce universe: Nexcess.

Nexcess is a cloud solution that optimizes WooCommerce and WordPress websites, stores, and applications. Nexcess will help Fast deliver its one-click checkout solution to its thousands of online stores hosted by its WordPress and WooCommerce plans. We can't think of a better partner than Nexcess to help WooCommerce sellers provide a better checkout experience with the Fast Checkout WooCommerce plugin.

Chris Lema, Vice President of Product at LiquidWeb, the parent company of Nexcess, has been a fan of Fast since Fast Checkout launched during the fall of 2020. Unlike Amazon, which pioneered one-click checkout, Fast is solving cart abandonment on a larger scale because it can be implemented on any site and platform an online store uses, Lema said.

"Imagine what the next 20 years look like when cart abandonment isn't 7 out of 10 – a stat that hasn't changed in forever. Imagine when cart abandonment is 2 out of 10," he said. "Cart abandonment dynamics will change because Fast has removed the friction that people have experienced when checking out. If you haven't yet signed up for it, make sure that you do. And tell your friends. And ask the stores you visit to consider adding it."

Fast features

  • Fast Checkout button on product detail, cart, and checkout pages
  • Order batching
  • Post-purchase order tracking, summary and receipts
  • One-click reorder of past purchases
  • Privacy policy: No third-party access
  • Industry-leading standard pricing: 2.9% and 29 cents of every purchase
  • Free fraudulent chargeback protection included in standard pricing
  • No monthly or annual fee, no setup fee to use Fast Checkout button

What merchants are saying

  • After installing Fast Checkout, outdoor and snow sports company Ski Haus saw a 174% conversion increase. “We installed it and saw nothing but success instantly. People started using it right away,” said Kayla Melville, Ski Haus website manager.
  • Saddleback Leather saw a 65% conversion lift after installing Fast Checkout. The online leather goods retailer installed the button just before Thanksgiving in 2020. “Knowing the main goal for Saddleback (in 2020) was boosting the conversion rate, Fast was the perfect option to help with that, and they saw a boost for the holiday season,” said Shawn Wyatt, Chief Operating Officer of Arvada Creative, Saddleback’s e-commerce agency partner.
  • “Out of the gate, about 7% of our sales for the first few weeks were done with Fast. And now we're up to 15%, or even as high as 20%, some weeks, where customers are using Fast Checkout,” said Thompson Clark, Owner of Free Time Hobbies.
  • Read more merchant stories here.

How to activate Fast Checkout as a Nexcess user

  • Ready to go Fast? Follow our step-by-step guide for activating your Fast for WooCommerce plugin.
  • More of a visual learner? Lucky for you, we have a video that shows the activation process.

How to activate Fast Checkout on your Nexcess Managed WooCommerce Store - Watch Video

Learn more

  • Want to see Fast Checkout in action? Head over to the Fast home page, where you can click the button and see for yourself how it works. Don't worry, you won't be charged.
  • Still have questions? Head over to our help page and type it out.
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