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Fast launches Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration, bringing one-click checkout to thousands more online stores

Calanthia Mei, Vice President of Partnerships at Fast

As the VP of Partnerships at Fast, I am passionate about helping merchants deliver the best checkout experience possible to consumers everywhere. Today, I’m excited to announce a big step forward on that journey, our integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Starting today, any merchant that runs on Salesforce Commerce Cloud can supercharge their checkout experience with Fast’s high converting one-click, headless checkout experience. This is a breakthrough offering for the thousands of stores powered by the leading platform for business-to-consumer commerce.

This easy-to-install integration solves one of the biggest pain points for online sellers: cart abandonment. And because our solution is device- and channel-agnostic, merchants that run their stores on Salesforce Commerce Cloud can seamlessly connect Fast’s checkout across every consumer touchpoint.

With more than 70% of online carts left behind with items still in them, merchants are losing billions of dollars in sales. Most consumers say they abandon their carts because of cumbersome checkout flows.

Right now, shoppers visit online stores to buy something they want. They browse, they add things to the cart, they go back and look some more. Then when they’re ready to check out, they click the shopping cart icon. Next thing they know, they're taking the extra steps of typing out payment and delivery information, and, sometimes, setting up a profile before they can complete an order. Meanwhile life is happening all around them. By that point, most shoppers walk away.

At Fast, we’re making buying online faster, safer, and easier for everyone. We do that with Fast Checkout, our payment button that allows shoppers to complete orders in mere seconds.

And we don’t stop there. Not only can we place the Fast Checkout button anywhere on a merchant's site (product detail, cart, and checkout pages), we can place it in ads, emails, product review articles – and even in the real world with QR codes.

That’s where headless checkout comes in.

Headless checkout separates the front end (what customers see) from the back end (the system powering a website) of merchants’ websites. By doing this, Fast unlocks quick and convenient contextual purchasing, and consumers can make a purchase with minimal interruption to the current task or activity they're experiencing. That means no redirecting or opening new tabs and windows to navigate a traditional checkout flow.

Fast features

Fast products, features, and services include:

  • Fast Checkout button on product detail, cart, and checkout pages
  • API-first architecture
  • Optimized for conversion and AOV
  • 1-click purchases across devices
  • 1-click reorder of past purchases
  • Flexible solution that aligns to any post-purchase experience 
  • Fraudulent protection included in standard pricing
  • Industry-leading custom pricing for larger merchants
  • No monthly or annual fee, no setup fee to use Fast Checkout button, no minimum commitments

Fast results

Fast isn’t just promising an excellent checkout experience. Merchants that use Fast Checkout have cut their cart abandonment rate down to just 30 percent.

Case studies

  • Online leather goods retailer Saddleback Leather’s conversion increased 65% after installing our button;
  • Office chair company Seating Mind enjoyed using Fast Checkout so much that it became its exclusive payment button; and
  • With Fast headless checkout, readers on PopSugar and Refinery29 are able to check out in one click directly from product review articles.

Read more here about how Fast adds value to merchants.

How to install Fast Checkout

We’ve done the heavy lifting and made it easy for Salesforce Commerce Cloud merchants to install our plug-in. Merchants can install our one-click checkout directly in Business Manager and work with their Systems Integrator or in-house team to customize and fine-tune the shopping experience.

Install Fast in five steps:

  1. Install the plugin
  2. Register your app with Fast
  3. Authorize the integration
  4. Place the Fast button
  5. Increase conversion

Learn more

Want to see Fast Checkout in action? Head over to the Fast home page, where you can click the button and see for yourself how it works. Don't worry, you won't be charged.

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