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Family-owned Wheelsmart Rim Store brings 52 years of experience in wheel and tire industry

Hermes Golfarini has been around wheels most of his life. He started out by designing custom car wheels in China and exporting them to the U.S. In 2003, he decided to concentrate on one element of the wheel that car owners care most deeply about: Factory OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) rims. 

A rim is the outer edge of the wheel, to which tires are attached. They are integral to the vehicle’s functionality and carry an important aesthetic function: expressing the owner’s individuality. Installing new rims is also the easiest way to give cars a fresh look.

“When people revamp their beautiful cars and trucks, they want their rims to look like new,” Golfarini said.

Golfarini struck deals with some of the largest and most reputable wheel recyclers in the U.S. and launched Wheelsmart Rim Store to distribute refurbished original and replica car manufacturer rims and wheel accessories. Wheelsmart’s credo is simple: to provide the best customer service to car and truck owners looking to update their vehicles, at a reduced price.

“Rims are not something that you need every day, but it’s a referral business,” Golfarini said “You send your family to buy from the guy you like doing business with.”

In the recycled auto parts industry, not known for its high level of customer service, family-owned Wheelsmart Rim Store was a game-changer. 

“We take a few extra minutes on the phone with our buyers, so that we can find exactly what they need,” Golfarini said. “We’re not in the business of making millions of dollars. What we care about is providing great service to our dedicated base.” 

Wheelsmart offers some of the widest inventory in the industry, carrying factory-original rims from all major car and truck manufacturers. A sizable portion of their sales is international, with some customers as far-flung as Norway, Australia, and Russia. Rims ship quickly from the closest of Wheelsmart’s 94 warehouse partners.

The workmanship that goes into refurbishing each rim allows Wheelsmart to command a higher price. 

“If you want quality and safety, you come to us,” Golfarini said.

Because Wheelsmart sells exclusively online, the company has always been looking for innovations that would help them advance their high-touch service model in the digital environment. When customers are on the company’s website, they spend a long time choosing the right rim, but everything else needs to be quick – otherwise, businesses risk losing them. 

That’s when Fast came in.

Partnering with Fast

Fast eliminates the taxing routine of searching for payment cards, typing out shipping information, and looking for the right password – just to complete a purchase. With Fast Checkout, customers click one button, and it's done.

“Fast has been extremely responsive to our needs,” Golfarini said. “Their team gets involved quickly when they need to explain or problem solve. I appreciate that.”

Since installing Fast in October, Wheelsmart has seen significant reduction in cart abandonment. On the front end, customers love how smooth the Fast Checkout app is and the peace of mind that comes with extra security features, like flagging potentially fraudulent activity. On the back end, transactions are handled seamlessly. 

“Fast is one of the smoother apps I’ve seen so far,” Golfarini said. “It’s really a win-win for customers and for the company.” 

With the global COVID pandemic upending in-person buying, Wheelsmart Rim Store has seen a significant increase in demand for its products. As the company looks to make further investments into its inventory and website, Fast will play a key role in helping them scale. 

“Fast helps us take care of our customers smoothly,” Golfarini said. “To me, that’s a huge plus.”

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