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EZ Able: One-stop shop for making a home regardless of age or disability

When Jody Fisk quit her job in 2005, it wasn’t on a whim. It was a culmination of her life experiences dictating her next move. As a teenager, she taught children with disabilities how to swim. As an adult, Fisk worked in the information technology field. When she left the industry, she decided to combine her passion and professional expertise into a new venture: building custom-made accessible homes.

“People would come to me saying their parents had retired but were forced out of their homes within five years because of accessibility issues as they aged,” said Fisk, Founder and Owner of EZ Able. “I came in to help with custom builds that solved those issues and helped people create living spaces that could accommodate their mobility needs.”

After discovering how hard it was to source quality products necessary for these custom projects, Fisk leaned in and became the source herself.

“I knew the audience, and I had the skills, so it just made sense,” she said.

In 2008, Fisk built her own website for EZ Able, which started filling orders for both DIYers and contractors. The online business started to grow, but there was still quite a large technical gap at that time. commerce was not as advanced as it is now.

Fisk eventually moved the site over to e-commerce platform BigCommerce, as more than two-thirds of business started to come from online sales. Once there, she hired help to split-test different facets of the site to improve conversion rates. When it came time to improve the business’s mobile checkout experience, they found major room for improvement.

Through BigCommerce, Fisk learned about Fast, a one-click checkout solution that streamlines the shopper’s experience by completing orders in a matter of seconds. Customers enter their payment and shipping information once, and Fast securely saves and remembers it so that future orders are just one click away. Installing the Checkout button was a seamless experience for EZ Able. The button was operational in a matter of hours, and Fisk was blown away at how low-risk it was for her as a business owner.

She also was pleasantly surprised to discover she didn’t have to wait for money to clear before issuing refunds, which made resolving customer issues faster, too. The result: better customer experiences, more completed purchases, and happier buyers, Fisk said.

“Leveraging Fast is a no-brainer,” Fisk said. “There’s no financial risk as they match your current payment processing fees, and their implementation team makes installing it extremely easy with white-glove service.”

Overall, online sales are up 130% year-over-year, and 20-30% of all online orders are already being processed through Fast just 60 days post-implementation.

Moving forward, Fisk is excited to launch Fast on another online business she runs, and she’s confident this tool will not only boost conversion rates there but also will improve the online shopping experience for her customers.

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