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Equilite Herbals keeps horses healthy with supplements for daily and acute health needs

During the 1990s, there were few companies creating herbal products for horses that met their daily and acute health needs. Equilite Herbals entered the scene to help fill the gap.

Equilite Herbals products help horses with joint support, lung-related issues, digestive problems, anxiety, performance recovery, and more. Items range from $39.95 to $169.95.

“Our owner had the privilege of working with Equilite Herbals for nearly a decade when the opportunity arose to acquire the line,” said Miriam Altman, President of Natural Selection Products, which owns Equilite Herbals. 

The company’s goal is to formulate the highest quality herbal supplements for horses.

“We create all our products in handcrafted, small batches to ensure the highest quality, finest consistency, and freshest, most effective products possible for our customers,” Altman said. “We take an immense amount of pride in creating high-quality products that horse owners can be confident in feeding their animals.”

Equilite Herbals meets its customers where they are.

“We work with our customers through email, direct contact with customer service, and a lot of tradeshows and local sponsorship,” Altman said. “Sponsorship of local events and clubs has been an excellent way to keep our customers and engaged and to support our community.”

Equilite Herbals processes 1,000 orders a year, and that number is growing. Altman said her team knew early on that Equilite Herbals would be a success.

“With getting to know the products for some time, we knew that more people just needed to see the quality of the products, and they wouldn’t want any others on the market,” she said. “There is no other company that can match the handcrafted care we put into each batch of Equilite Herbals, or the freshness that comes with that.”

A crucial step in getting important and even life-saving products in front of those who need it is a smooth checkout process. Equilite Herbals learned about payments platform Fast through social media. Fast is home of Fast Checkout, a payment button that allows customers to purchase items with just one click.

“It integrated with our store platform, so that was rather appealing,” Altman said. “At the time, we had also been experiencing some difficulties with our checkout and another payment processor. So we were looking for alternative options to provide an easier checkout process for our customers.”

Fast did the trick. Today, about 10% of all Equilite Herbals orders are processed by Fast.

“Overall, having a simple checkout process for our customers has been a huge benefit to our business,” Altman said. “We have struggled with other platforms having glitches or not working when needed, creating bounce in our customers. Fast has helped us capture our orders more consistently and reduce issues with losing sales due to checkout issues.”

With the pain point of checkout solved, Equilite Herbals is looking forward to expanding its direct-to-consumer business.

“We love getting to engage more with our customers and would love to have more opportunity to do so,” Altman said. “We have a fantastic retail base already but would like to grow in other areas.”

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