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Dress Me Up New York: One-click checkout – with style

With Dress Me Up New York, shopping for authentic, high-end fashion from all over the world has never been easier. The trendy shop offers thousands of chic items for weddings (including mother-of-the-bride dresses), proms, quinceaneras, casual gatherings (cocktail dresses), and more – all at an affordable price.

“People are looking for something special,” said Dress Me Up New York Founder Daniel Sohiel.

Sohiel was introduced to the clothing industry in 1991 when a friend asked him to join him in opening boutiques. His friend later left the business and moved out of the country, and Sohiel soldiered on as a solopreneur.

The businessman operated several stores near the World Trade Center for 10 years. Then the 9-11 terrorist attacks happened.

Sohiel's business, like numerous others in the area, suffered significant losses because of the attacks. He soon closed his doors for good and went into the manufacturing industry.

“It changed the whole picture,” he said.

Another 10 years passed before Sohiel returned to the clothing industry, bringing Dress Me Up New York online in 2014. Business has been good, he said.

“When you have a store, you cover only a two-mile radius,” he said, “but when you have a website, you cover the whole world.”

Dress Me Up New York’s website started as a bare-bones operation with a form to fill out and a phone number to call for more information. Today, customers have a full suite of options available when viewing dresses. They can compare dresses, ship internationally, subscribe to a newsletter for updates on new products and sales, and chat with a representative.

The only thing that was missing was a seamless checkout experience. Sohiel installed Fast Login and Fast Checkout to sign in customers and complete their orders in a matter of seconds. No more forms tediously filled out for every purchase.

“I see Fast is new, and I like the interface,” Sohiel said. “I like everything about Fast. It’s clean. It’s fast. Not many people do that.”

For Sohiel, installing Fast came down to one cold, hard fact: “The easier it is to checkout, the more conversions you get.” Now, about 10 percent of Dress Me Up New York sales are processed by Fast. He expects that percentage to grow.

“It takes time for them to get to learn about this thing,” he said, “but people like it .”

A note from Dress Me Up New York:

Dress Me Up’s main goal is in the company’s name. Our goal is to dress you up in the best fashions from New York and around the world. To reach this goal, Dress Me Up has created an extensive collection of clothes divided into every category imaginable so that you can find whatever you need as fast as possible. You no longer need to flip through hundreds of pages of collections of dresses to find what you need. If you have any questions, you can always contact us here.

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