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D’Light Online: These candles spark joy, memories, and solace

Weddings, funerals, graduations, dinners, movie nights. The possibilities are limitless for D’Light Online candles.

D’Light Online is a full-service source for affordable candles and accessories. Founded in 2011, the business first sold only a handful of products and mostly catered to restaurants and wedding halls. Today, D’Light offers dozens of candles, lamps, and accessories to consumers, bringing in about $5 million in sales annually.

The Islandia, New York-based business's three best-selling candles are the three-inch large floating candles ($15.99), the 15-hour unscented votive candle full case ($36.15), and the single-colored, hand-dipped taper candle ($0.95).

D’Light owes its success to three things, Owner Natalie Celestin said.

“Our customer service, our products, and the quality of our products make us stand out,” she said. “Our candles are manufactured in the United States, and our prices beat the competitors’ prices.”

Reviews for D’Light products are overwhelmingly positive. The company’s website and Facebook page have an abundance of stories about how its candles brought joy and solace to customers. Many reminisce about scented candles they thought they’d never find again before spotting them on the D’Light website. For others, the occasion is more solemn, such as the customer who bought candles as a memorial to their late mother.

“They are a huge hit here at my little church,” the reviewer said. “My mother would be smiling right now.”

Another customer talked about how their mother bought the candles for their late brother.

“Our older brother passed away a few years ago and my mom bought this candle to light the way for him,” they commented.

A crucial aspect of the customer experience is speedy service. In September 2020, D’Light installed Fast Checkout from the payments platform Fast. With Fast Checkout, customers can complete their orders with just one click.

“We learned about Fast through BigCommerce (the e-commerce platform),” Celestin said. “We feel like it's a quicker way to checkout. With everything nowadays moving in warp speed, why not the checkout process?”

So far, about 10% of D’Light’s sales are processed through Fast.

“Our customers love how fast and convenient it was,” Celestin said.

Looking ahead, Celestin sees D’Light continuing to grow with more product offerings and locations, and to the point of becoming a household name.

“With the help of Fast, I believe that can be achieved,” she said. “Easy checkout process, less hassle.”

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