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Clothing site EOU Ready Wear splashes casual wear with bold colors and inspiring messages

Clothing site EOU Ready Wear launched at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic as an artistic outlet for the store’s namesake, Eyes On U Teen Outreach.

Eyes On U Teen Outreach is a Washington, D.C.-area group that supports teenagers with social events, recreational trips, resources and programs for enrichment. The group is actively recruiting a new generation of teenagers to leadership teams.

“It’s about helping them navigate the milestones of life, and a way for them to come together and help each other as peers,” said Chrissy Dixon, an Eyes On U Teen Outreach associate and manager of the EOU Ready Wear website. “You just need somewhere to go to be amongst each other.”

One of the group’s co-founders created EOU Ready Wear in response to the adversities brought on by COVID-19.

“People deal with trauma differently,” Dixon said. “The group’s co-founder channeled their energy and tapped into their creativity by exploring the option of having the store during the pandemic.”

EOU Ready Wear stands out with its colorful and unique clothing options. It sells numerous clothing items, including T-shirts, dresses, shoes, and swimwear. The store also sells masks and home decor items such as pillows, clocks, wall art, and stylish shower curtains. Among EOU Ready Wear’s collection are items designed by the group’s co-founder as well as COVID-19-inspired products, including captions on T-shirts that read "breakthrough coronavirus" and "keep your distance.”

A portion of EOU Ready Wear sales will support the reorganization of Eyes On U Teen Outreach, Dixon said.

EOU Ready Wear makes giving back easy with its smooth checkout experience, thanks to Fast, a one-click checkout payments platform. The company installed its Fast Checkout button on the EOU Ready Wear website, allowing shoppers to complete their purchases in a matter of seconds. The installation was quick and easy, and adding the option simply made sense, Dixon said.

“It’s efficient,” she said. “In and out. That’s how I like it. Get it done, and that’s it.”

That leaves lots of room for the business to focus on simply telling its story, which is heavy on joy, empowerment, and acknowledging the pain that COVID-19 has caused.

“This store is not just products being sold,” Dixon said. “This store is life inspired through darkness in managing adversities.”

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